Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Year

Well I'm back from my little blogging break (aka writer's block) and ready for 2009. So far the new year has been filled with:

- close friends, gift exchanges, cocktails, Domino's and My Big Fat Greek Wedding
- a drive out to visit newly engaged friends for MTV, dinner and s'mores
- a spontaneous trip for crepes with an old buddy and stopping in a cute European cafe for coffee and (more) dessert
- naming my puppy Toby (who just barked for the first time, oy vey), house training and successfully teaching him to come and sit on command
- heartfelt letters to friends and much wanted snail mail
- returning to work, writing and feeling productive once again

Hello 2009. So pleased to meet you.

Image: cardsunlimited.com


  1. Balloons just make for a happy picture. Welcome to 2009!

  2. Awwww what a cute name for the puppy!!

  3. Ah. Its good to see you back!


    ...and hello Tobi! Nice to see you have a name besides "Hey You" now. Treat your mistress right ok? She's really cool.

  4. Post more pictures of Toby please!

  5. What a cute name for your puppy! Where'd you get the idea to name him Toby?

  6. tooj, aren't they cheerful?

    ladystyx, thanks!

    intense guy, I'll be sure to pass along the message. So far I think he's very attached since he whines whenever I leave his side or don't pay him enough attention. P.S. I still call him "Hey!"

    sugarlens, I will soon enough. Love your puppy!

    ChicagoLady, derailed's sister (and maybe derailed herself, but I don't remember) suggested it and after some thought we decided to go with that one.

  7. oh PLZ! it was totally gonna be OBIE!

    ps. during our quality time i train him to respond to Trujillo, so there! =P


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