Friday, January 16, 2009

Off to Florida for a Lovely Press Trip

Enjoy your weekends my dears :)


  1. Lucky girl! It was -22 below this morning (again) with a windchill making it feel like -40 something.

    Have fun!

  2. Ah lucky you!! Vero Beach sounds soooooooooooo nice! Hope you had a very uneventful flight!

  3. I am green with is way to freaking cold....

  4. kelley, yes, I'm super lucky and very appreciative for the opportunity :)

    intense guy, it was quite eventful for 10 minutes or so. Even the flight attendant had to sit in the middle of the aisle because the plane was shaking so much. And of course on the car ride to the airport the radio station was going on about yesterday's incident. At the airport, the TVs had CNN detailing the incident. And then the lady sitting next to me was watching what on her TV? Oh, nothing but the incident! Of course I was too, but still. I love flying, but I was sweating bullets.

    heidi, muahaha!

    noah's mommy, I know. Going back is going to be a slap in the face. Especially with flurries expected for Sunday.

  5. I'm probably better off not going somewhere warm for just a day, I'd find a way to stay longer, lol.


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