Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Special Delivery

Last Thursday, I received a slip saying I had a box at the post office. From Mr. First.

I couldn't get it until this morning and finally opened it tonight. Inside I found:

My favorite (red) candy
The baby blue jacket he gave me (and I returned and later missed)
A beautiful card for Christmas and another one for my birthday
A puppy guide that'll make a genius out of Toby...or just get him to poop on his pad
A lovely CD I'll be popping in later on tonight
My old Phillies banner from a home game
Gloves with removable tops he'd bought (and misplaced) for me last Christmas
This book and that one

And soon after I opened the box and read the first card, who should text? Yup :)


  1. Is this....? Hmmm....? Books are nice.

  2. Hey I gave you a blog award, come by and pick it up!

  3. Hmmm...what does this mean? :)

    PS. Very thoughtful of Mr. First!

  4. tooj, is this what? And yup, I like books :)

    carolyn, thanks so much!

    sugarlens, oh no no no. I am NOT dissecting and analyzing this. Bad things happen when I try to read too much into something. I loved everything in the box, it made me smile, was sweet and I'm glad he and I are still close. That's all there is to it. I'm mostly glad the gesture didn't make me all weepy. Yay for that :)

  5. Hey Dorkys.. sooo do I smell a rekindle in the near future!!

  6. How very sweet of him. You're right to not read anything into it. No sense getting your hopes up if it was just a gesture of friendship (although with the amount of stuff in that box...). Make him work for it if he wants ya back though ;)

  7. anonymous, And that would fall right under "reading too much into something."

    ladystyx, hahaha! Thanks for the tip! And yes, he's just a sweet guy. I've been working on letting fate do its thing and refrain from over thinking. If it makes you feel good then just go with the flow (unless it's drugs, guys). If it doesn't then step away from it. Sounds way easier than it is, but eh, it's a start.

  8. Dorkys, no le hagas caso a manicomio. Just enjoy the moment, no analyzing, just enjoy it.

  9. heidi, y yo naci anoche para hacerle caso? Pshhh! And will do :)

  10. y mi carta? when am i getting that????

  11. Argh, remember when I started yours and tooj's back in FL and kept getting distracted? Yeah, I know. I'm a horrible human being. Deal with it. You'll get it when it's finished.

  12. i try not to make a habit of accepting gifts from exes.

    luckily, this hasn't really been put to the test.

    hope you can enjoy the gift as emotion-free as possible :]

  13. Knowing me, I'd probably read too much into it. Much easier to move on if the break is clean. That may not work for everyone though. Might as well enjoy the gifts. It was thoughtful of him to send them.

  14. blythe, thanks and I am :)

    chicagolady, at least you know yourself and recognize what would be best for you. I used to do think too much (and still do too often) and I used to listen to everyone's advice on "what's best." Blah. I'm doing whatever I want regardless.

    And yes, I'll enjoy. I did send him stuff for his bday several months ago and still have to finish the Christmas package for him and his fam. Clean break be damned. We'll figure it out as we go.


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