Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Pet

Don't you just adore this picture? It makes me want to own each little furball in it. By the way, did you know the First Family will finally get its First Pet in April? Sasha and Malia must be uber excited about their dog! Can you remember your first pet?

And does your child want a cuddly critter of his own? Then read on!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Booked and Hooked

So apparently if there's a show I find interesting it's going to be shown on Wednesday nights. Now my Wednesdays are completely booked:

8 PM: American Idol
9 PM: Lie To Me or Lost (I can't stand channel flipping.)
10 PM: High School Reunion

That last one is a new discovery. Heidi told me about it last week because I'd never watched the show. I quickly forgot about it until Sunday when I was searching for something to watch and stumbled upon it. On TV Land. I didn't even know TV Land had shows from this century. Either way, they aired a rerun from last week so I was able to watch this season's first episode.

And I was hooked! I'm so rooting for Kara and Tom to get back together!

Oh wait, I guess I should quickly explain the premise of the show beforehand. Here goes:

A bunch of people who graduated from some high school named Chester or whatever are thrown into a house 20 years later. You've got your cool kids, the used-to-be-ugly-but-now-works-for-Playboy chick, the jocks, the nerds, etc. Tom was the jock and was married to Kara, the homecoming queen, for eight years and then divorced. Now they're living in the same house and temptation has already come a-knocking on Tom's door (that would be Jessica the play bunny of course)...and he answered! (Men.)

Anywho, there were no sparks and Tom and Kara think they're feeling a little sumthin' sumthin' for each other. And I was totally hating on Jessica in that skimpy little outfit until she said that she believes those two belong together. Please Tom and Kara, restore my faith in relationships.

See? One episode and I'm already invested.

Too bad I don't even think I'm going to make it through AI tonight. Yeah, you read right. I might call tonight's vegetating session off and just head to bed. After getting no sleep last night due to this annoying cough, I could barely function all day. I just hope I don't pass out during tomorrow night's outing with the girls: we're finally watching Shopaholic :)

So seriously, is there anything good on any other day of the week? (And of course I mean besides Sundays because hellooo Bridezillas!)

10:15 PM: 1) Am still hanging in here and will surely pay for it in the morning. 2) There's a new love connection on the horizon: Marcela and Scott W. Too bad Jessica has now set her sights on her BFFs potential man and is totally trying to sabotage. 3) Ok, I got the high school's name completely wrong: it's Chandler not Chester. Eh, whatev. 4) Can barely wrap my mind around going to my 10-year reunion next year. You imagine 20? Yipes. 5) The preacher's daughter has some skeletons in her closet fo sho. 6) Geez, this show is airing everyone's dirty laundry. 7) Yay for "forgiveness!" They make it look so easy, I'm almost tempted to try it someday.

MORNING UPDATE:'s going to be a cranktastic day.


National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Be kind to yourself. Focus on health not numbers.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear Theraflu

Why is your childproof cap impossible for me to open? I've gotten nothing but *click, click, click* from you for the past three days. Give up the goods!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Round-Up

I know I haven't posted in ages so hopefully this will more than make up for my absence. Just skim through and check out what seems interesting. My brain is too scattered to write a focused post. Happy Sunday!

The Meaning of Lila

- I've been tired and lacking motivation. That and I've been feeling sick (again!) since Friday. Could be because:
a) my flu totally faked me out for a week leading me to believe I was cured only to come back with a "haHA sucka! Gotcha didn't I?!" Why yes, yes you did.
b) I caught a chill Thursday night when in the middle of showering I had to suddenly jump out because this dog was barking so loudly I thought for sure bandits were trying to break in. They weren't.
c) I didn't think going to sleep with my hair wet that same night would cause me to wake up at 5 in the morning feeling craptastic. I should've thought again.

- I've enjoyed reading random Facebook hateration this week. Like the Seven Lies We Tell Ourselves About Facebook, 25 Things I Didn't Want to Know About You and 25 More Things I Didn't Want to Know About You. They're funny because they're true (and you know it). Might I add that I found these while reading reputable news sources like CNN, Time and Newsweek? Comforting to know they're covering this stuff. I'm not even kidding. You can only read so many depressing articles a day.

- My time management skills need a serious makeover. That's why yesterday I created a weekly schedule for myself to regain some order in my life. Yes, I even blocked out bedtime, dinner and "me time" because I'm clearly not getting enough of those. How do you balance work with relaxation?

- I cannot wait to start this project! Can you guess what my goal is?

- Clifford passed away Wednesday morning. When I went to feed him I noticed that he wasn't jumping up for food like the famished beast he usually is. Upon further inspection I realized it was because he was already floating. Not sure if I'll get another one. I've got my hands full with the fur monster.

- Speaking of Toby, he's added "stand" (though not on his hind legs) and "go to bed" to his bag of tricks. I still need to work on the last one some more before moving on to the next tasks: "roll over" and "fetch me some oj."

- Mardi Gras is two days away! Time to binge, indulge and stuff our faces before getting our acts together if only for 40 days. I still don't know what to give up for Lent, but I'm thinking something along the lines of "no more limitations." It'd be a tough one, but I have faith I can pull through. What are you giving up this year?

The Meaning of Lila

- Who's watching the Oscars tonight? Not me. I can't commit to a 2-hour DVD let alone sit through a 10-hour awards show. Let me know if I missed anything.

- Some interesting posts from around the blogosphere:
*Circling the Square Table is always a good read. Especially since Tooj can go from goofy to serious in the span of a day.
*I'm not a parent (yet), but when I read about Heidi's hope to raise a strong little girl after her daughter's first run-in with school teasing, I was touched. Plus her girl is too cute. You almost want to beat up anyone who would ever hurt her feelings.
* I can totally relate to Joyce's typical Saturday.
*And I think many of us want what Lisa wants. I don't even mind her plea for more snow :)

- New Oldies But Goodies are up!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AI's First Three

Who's going to make it into the rest of season 8?!

8:20 pm: Alexis is the first one in! I hadn't really heard her before now. She's got an interesting voice. At least it's not same ol' and that's always refreshing. Or maybe it was just her song choice.

8:31 pm: Anoop gets the boot and Michael goes through to the second spot. I don't remember. Is this the one who drills for oil? Hmm, am watching him sing and I think he needs a little more oomph. He seems nice but seriously zzzzzzz....

P.S. Yay for the group singing Jason Mraz in the opener! Those group songs are usually painful to listen to (especially when so many God awful singers are still in the mix), but I sure do like me some "I'm Yours."

8:41 pm: Ok, I blinked/ was totally distracted by the sis and completely missed who these two are. One minute Carrie and David Cook are singing something sometime somewhere and next thing I know these two peeps are belting out something about some letter. Are they Idol imports?

8:49 pm: Eeek!! It's down to Danny and Tatiana...

8:50 pm: Wow, for the first time the girl is speechless.

8:51 pm: Damn break!!! We just had one two minutes ago! I hate Seacrest.

8:56 pm: Eeeee!!! Danny!!

8:58 pm: Ok, no more shots of Tatiana crying while he sings please?

Well next week's group looks interesting. Now on to Lie to Me (though if the sis weren't here I'd totally watch Lost instead. Can't lose, both are great.)


Controversial Cartoon

I’ve been debating about whether I really wanted to post this all morning. Heidi gave me the heads up about the New York Post cartoon that was printed in today’s paper and posted on their site. Frankly, I was appalled that such a violent and racist piece could be considered funny. I know it’s not the first time. I know past political figures have been the subject of ridicule and this time will be no different. But this just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Why is there a need for “art” like this? To raise controversy? To spark anger, talks, questions? For attention?

I know about freedom of the press. I know about freedom of speech. But those freedoms come with responsibilities. Why use that freedom to spew more hatred into the world? With all there is to say and all the words available to say them, why choose the ones that will cause hurt, fire up the ignorant and slow down progress? I don’t understand why ten steps forward must be accompanied by five steps back.

As a member of the press, I don't think censorship is necessarily the answer. But personally, I don't think I could sleep at night knowing something I created did nothing to improve our world. I want better for the future not worse or even the same. Maybe that's just me.

What do you think? Are people reading too much into the cartoon? Or is this clearly racism? Should artists and writers be able to express themselves freely regardless of their message as long as it doesn't cause immediate violence?

UPDATE: The Post apologizes, but still defends, its cartoon.

UPDATE: Six days later, New York Post Chairman Rupert Murdoch personally apologizes.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Wrote a Story Under the Cancun Sun

A story I knew would be a tough one to get out from beginning to end. Since it was so personal, I figured I'd write it best with a clear head and an open heart. And I did so months ago while gazing at the sea with the sound of waves crashing in the background. No distractions, no influences and cut off from the people I knew. I just wanted to listen to what I had been trying to say.

A story about how my parents' dysfunctional relationship and their subsequent divorce affected my thoughts on marriage and my first relationship. Yes, I cried through it. Yes, I questioned whether I was comfortable setting my story free. But I also hoped it would touch someone who had gone through the same.

Well, it's finally out.

P.S. The beautiful model gracing our March cover is Sessilee Lopez. You might recognize her from one of the covers of last summer's Vogue Italia Black Issue. Be sure to check out her fashion spread for the mag...especially since it's NYC Fashion Week and all.


Team Gokey?

Ok, I just turned on the TV and only got to catch the final performance on tonight's American Idol, but I'm currently all for Danny (who did wonderfully yet again)!

Oh, and can someone please get Tatiana out of there? Thanks.


Monday, February 16, 2009

When Convos With Strangers Go Wrong

Scene: Discount store. Dorkys is just barely able to reach bottles of detergent on a high shelf. Middle-Aged Man Who Works in Store comes over to help, but stops when Dorkys successfully grabs the bottle of Tide and moves on to the Clorox 2 and Downy.

Middle-Aged Man Who Works in Store: Oh, you got it!

Dorkys: Oh yeah! I've got experience [in tip-toeing to reach things that is].

Middle-Aged Man Who Works in Store: That's why I've always liked small women...

Dorkys: [To herself] ....?

Just-Became-Creepy Middle-Aged Man Who Works in Store: They're very agile.

Dorkys hurries to the check-out line.

Dorkys: [To herself] Men.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cupcake Remedy

I originally had plans for yesterday: a hot date with my sister and cousin. They figured it'd be nice to spend V-day together after our love lives took such a beat down in '08. After the two lovebirds finished watching He's Just Not That Into You, we were to meet up for photos around town then swing by my place to make cupcakes and watch movies.

But I canceled. I was still fighting the flu and some sadness. When my sister dropped by to check in early on, she came bearing gifts. The fact that she'd be so thoughtful to come visit and put any effort into cheering me up really unleashed the waterworks and I just couldn't bring myself to open the bag. She left soon after and I just stayed home.

I did want company. I wanted to feel cheerful. I wanted to forget. Instead I crawled into bed and hid like I usually do.

Then I got up. I wrote. I walked Toby. I got some fresh air. And when my sister asked if I was sure I didn't want company hours later, I asked them to come.

So I kicked it into high gear, tidied up the house and ran out to the supermarket for groceries, yummy treats and supplies.

Because of course I didn't just want to make regular cupcakes on my first try. No, if we were going to do this we had to experiment! So in came grand ideas of multicolored layered spongy goodness and lo and behold they turned out awesome right off the bat. (We did make a safe batch just in case. We went ahead and decorated those with delicious toppings...and dead faces.)

We even made cutie-petutie Anti-Valentine's Day cupcake toppers with sweet sentiments like "Go Rot," "Kick Rocks," "Love Blows" and "Bite Me." And because we'd just finished watching a bootleg copy of Taken (right before diving into Identity), I came up with a personal fave: Taken (For a Fool). So with that I crossed number 26 off the list. I even took a shot at number 21 because there's just no way you can feel blue when cupcakes are present.

And I finally did open the gift bag. Inside was a whole lot of caring goodies and surprises that made me smile. I read her little love note right before I settled in for bed with her by my side...and I almost teared up all over again.

Oh, and P.S. The flu is gone.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I was going to write a heartfelt post for today. On how I've been hosting this year-long pity party that began when Mr. First and I broke up last Valentine's Day. On the fact that 366 days have come and gone and it still hurts when I think about that night. But the thought of writing all that sadness out and have it read by the blissfully happy made me sick.

I could have written a time line of how this day has been the worst (save one year) starting from that third grade incident where I wrote a "Roses are red, violets are blue" card to a crush only to have it found and read out loud in front of the entire class. Luckily, I signed it as "Secret Admirer." Unfortunately, I'd asked the girl who sat next to him to put it in his book bag (I should also say she was my arch enemy's BFF). When the boy's best friend found and read it, she spilled the beans and I denied it. Soon I was crying, he was crying, my buddies were all saying it wasn't me (like they knew) and the blame was placed on a girl who had the misfortune of being in the bathroom at the time. Never again (except several more times).

I thought of doing a round-up of the funniest anti-Valentines I've received this past week. It wouldn't have been hard considering it was just two from Anonymous:

Thanks because what are best friends but people who remind you of how pathetic you both are?

I also considered passing on the same info I gave to my residents when I held my Anti-Valentine's Day program years ago. I handed out packets with info on its history, how to survive the day, top ten "good" things about Valentine's Day ("You can special-order candy hearts that say "Bite Me") and a slew of unfortunate cards. Did I mention that I won Best Programming several times during my 3.5 year career as an RA?

But the words just wouldn't come. Or maybe my heart just isn't really into it today. Hope you all enjoy yours.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boo to the Flu

I’m still sick, but since my body no longer felt like it was run over by an 18-wheeler I came back to work yesterday.

Now I’m shuffling around the office (though not in my pj’s) feeling contaminated and carrying around a bottle of Theraflu to take a swig every four hours. My messy hair is concealed in a bun because Lord knows that craziness should not be set free. I feel gross and would much rather be in bed where I can pretend that few things are sexier than smelling like Vicks VapoRub.

But you know how some people make an extra effort to look good when they feel bad? Yeah, I’m not that person. I know it would probably help to put forth effort as a way of lifting my spirits, but when I feel crummy I totally look it. I’m just too tired, too low, too whatever to go get my hair done and paint my nails. And when I look bad I feel even worse. It’s all a vicious cycle.

Doesn’t help that it’s been in the 50s all week and instead I’m walking around looking like an Inuit.

So what’s your “I’m sick” pick-me-up?


Monday, February 9, 2009

Out Sick

You remember that episode in Sex and the City when one night Samantha is celebrating her independence and fabulous new home and the next morning she's a sobbing mess because she's sick and alone? I like being taken care of when I'm feeling under the weather. As in I become a total baby and just shuffle around the house in pj's all day. Plus, I never think to actually stock up on meds until after I'm already sick. Boo.

At least my sis sent me this last night and it made me smile this morning. Read more about it here.

Have you come across anything interesting recently? I'd love it if you'd share :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm Just Not That Into the Movie

The highly anticipated chick flick He's Just Not That Into You opened last night and I'm sure countless girls rushed to see it and take notes.

I think I'll pass on this one.

See I actually read the book three years ago (almost exactly to the day) and, of course, it made me over analyze and read way too much into one guy's actions. It proved to be nothing but trouble.

The back story:

I dated someone else in grad school before Mr. First. Someone who introduced me to the dating scene and lasted a month and a half. We met when I wasn't expecting it while out with my friends. One thing led to another and before I knew it, he was driving my friends and me back to campus. Turned out he was also a student, a couple years older and in his final year of law school.

He dropped me off last even though he passed by my building to take the others home (and even though I said, "Hey, that's my building" while my not-so-subtle friends motioned for me to shut up). We exchanged numbers and he threw all "rules" out the window by calling me the following night (on Super Bowl Sunday) instead of waiting the "mandatory three days."

The Lawyer and I made preliminary plans to go out to dinner the following Saturday and of course the nerves rolled in as the days passed by. He said he'd call later in the week to set something more concrete, but when Friday came and I still hadn't heard from him I figured I was bound to be stood up. Why? Because I'd started reading that book!

"Oh well clearly he's not into me! Clearly! What was I even thinking? I haven't heard from him in x number of days, which obviously means this, that and the third. And now that Mars has gone into retrograde and has aligned with Jupiter I have no chance!"

You get the point. Total craziness (because obviously he'd have to be a fool to pass this up).

I went out Friday night convinced I'd never hear from The Lawyer again. Mr. First even told me to forget that guy when I told him that he'd probably be a no-show. I thought he was just saying it to make me feel better. Little did I know it was because he liked me too. (Remember when I was totally clueless??)

Anywho, the truth? The Lawyer had gotten food poisoning and, in the hopes that he'd get better, was waiting until the last moment before calling (early Saturday) and canceling. I let myself get sucked into that nonsense.

So I have no desire to see that movie. I don't want to think about a certain other someone not being into me.

Especially not a week before the day you-know-what happened.


An Illustrator's View of NYC

I've become a fan of Christoph Niemann's work and I only came across his NY Times blog a couple days ago (when I received a link to this). While I enjoyed looking through his creative posts, I have to say The Boys and the Subway is my fave so far (and his sons' bathroom is pretty cool). I'm even tempted to buy his book The Pet Dragon to learn a little Chinese on the side.

Now if only he posted more frequently. I mean, don't you just hate it when bloggers don't write often enough?


Somewhere Is Not Out There

A couple weeks ago I read this wonderful poem by Odessa on freefalling me. Short and sweet, it struck a chord with me.

All my life
I've always dreamed of a somewhere.
It took me awhile to realize
that somewhere is here.

We spend so much time looking and searching for where we think we're supposed to be and where we think we'll be happy instead of realizing that place can be where you are now if you choose to live in the moment. Somewhere doesn't have to be this illusive carrot on a stick. You can have your somewhere right now and eat it too.

Of course, you can always strive for better, but don't push now to the side of the road as you drive off into the horizon in search of something else. Enjoy each road bump and detour. You probably won't realize it now, but later on you'll see how each turn led you to where you are today.

And if you ever get lost just remember: you are here. And go from there.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Horoscope on the Deli's TV

“Put the past the behind you. You can’t change it so you need to accept it.”

Yeah, thanks.

What had to say: Sometimes, when you see another friend's relationship meet an untimely end, you feel like one of the tricoteuse during the French Revolution, busily knitting on the sidelines while heads roll. You privately think to yourself, "Well, at least it's not me," and for the moment, feel comfort in not being trapped in a go-nowhere relationship. But the next instant, you see someone with such soul, grace and sparkle that your heart pounds. You try to distance yourself, but are too interested to remain on the sidelines for long. Buried beneath your elaborate defenses is a tender heart that has been bruised once too often. Instead of repeating a doomed to fail romantic scene with the wrong man, change the script. You know there are huge risks, but are getting strong enough to try again.

That's a bit better...I guess.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Winter Jammin'

This Saturday I'll be slipping and sliding on skis and snowshoes, sledding down a 70-foot long snow flume, climbing ice walls and maybe warming up with some hot apple cider. And I won't even have to schlep out to Vermont for any of this.

That's because NYC's annual Winter Jam is taking place in East River Park to give us city dwellers a chance to experience cross-country skiing and other wintery sports in our own "backyard." Though the snowboarding competition was tonight, I'm sure there'll be plenty to pass the time away and forget about the fact that my toes are frozen solid. Like perusing the free samples and farmers' products in the Warming Hut.

And because it's not a Jam without some live music, artists such as Apollo Run, Jenna Wight and Dujeous (never heard of any) will be performing. The Skyriders will also provide trampoline entertainment.

Winter Jam NYC 2009 is February 7 in East River Park (Houston Street and FDR Drive), 11 AM - 4 PM, all equipment is provided and admission is $0!


Proud Mama

Because the little fur monster can pee and poop on the pad, keep up with my speed walking (though I need to ease up on the little guy), "come," "sit" and just tackled laying "down" five minutes ago. That's ma boy!

Next lesson: no barking when the doorbell rings.

A Delightful Gift

A couple weeks ago I won an amazing prize on Curious Girl. Lisa wanted to celebrate her blog's one year anniversary by giving away a boxful of goodies to one of her readers and I got it at work yesterday :)

Of course I opened it right up and starting smelling the lovely candle and lip balm, popped open this beautiful (and most certainly reusable) tin can full of tea, I held this pretty mug in my hands and imagined myself drinking tea from it on a Sunday morning while I listen to Adele's CD (whose Chasing Pavements video I adore) and once I got home I used one of the long matchsticks (in such cute butterflies and birds matchboxes) to light a candle as I settled in for the night.

Then there was this book, which I just had to start reading on my train ride home. It couldn't be more perfect for me.

Thank you , Lisa. Your happy print will go up in my gallery soon.


Blasting "I Can Be Your Hero" at 7:30 AM...

Is not cool.

"Just Wanna Be With You" is slightly better. The accompanying vocals from the neighbor? Not so much.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Io Parlo Italiano...Sort Of

Last night was our first Italian class and, of course, I was late. Like always. But I had several excuses: a last minute assignment fell on my lap at work and the yucky, snowy weather made it super hard to know which way was up in the East Village. Oh yeah, and running late flows through my veins.

So class was already under way when I walked in and can I just say Thank The Lord that a) I'm fluent in Spanish and b) my coworker and I made major headway in learning the language last year. The teacher spoke only in Italian and we covered the basics:

Come si chiama?
Mi chiamo Dorkys.
Di dove sei?
Sono di New York.
Come sta?
Sto bene.

Man so been there done that. Plus, I understood practically everything she said. Maybe I should've opted for some Chinese instead.

(Just kidding. I know the irregular verbs are going to kick my behind.)

Buona sera!


You know what's awesome?

Just realizing Lost is on at the same time as Lie To Me. Argh.

Thank goodness for online episodes.

Currently watching: group disasters and train wrecks on AI.

Btw, new Oldies But Goodies are finally up.

*Ooh, I'm loving the harmonies going on tonight. I really like the guy (Danny) with the glasses whose wife passed away (I think). Yay!! All are through to the next round :)

*Bikini girl is outtie!!

It's now 9 PM. What am I watching? Lie to Me. (I still have to watch last week's Lost episode.)

So how are you guys vegetating tonight?

Apparently new episodes of Lie to Me returns in TWO WEEKS! Helloooo Lost :)

Time's a Wasting

I don’t really have much to say, but apparently my not posting regularly is limiting the amount of time you guys waste each day.

So, tell me dear procrastinators: what are you supposed to be doing right now? And what are you doing instead?

Now that that’s out in the open: go do something productive! You can thank me once it’s done :)

P.S. I changed the blog's section names in the hopes of making it easier for you to find certain posts. Also, started Italian class last night. More details on that to come. Plus, I'm sleepy.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Flight of the Conchords Concert

The Singles Party

So the party actually went well. Sure when I got there all the girls were sitting in the living room and the guys were hanging out in the hallway, but it picked up after a while. I made good friends with the tortilla chips and pastelitos, but I also tried to semi-socialize (and yes, mocking was involved).

Twister did not make a cameo. You know what did? Singles Bingo. I actually stepped outside and came back as it was finishing so I had no chance of winning.

That is until it was time to play Suck and Blow. I’d never played it before so let me explain for those whose minds are rolling around in the gutter: The group stands in a circle and the goal of the game is to pass a card from mouth to mouth by only inhaling (to keep the card in place) and exhaling (to let it go to the next person). As the only person who did not drop the card, I was claimed the winner. It also means I was the only one who didn’t kiss a soul that night. I swear that competitiveness of mine is going to get me so far someday.

No biggie. No one caught my eye anyway (though it’s hard to do that when you’re not trying to look). I did notice that one guy was wearing Chucks so mental props went his way…right before some chick cornered him on the couch for the rest of the night. (Btw, maybe I should've brought along the business cards after all. Turns out said chick reads my work and spent a good 15 minutes talking to me about it.)

Also, I don’t know if it was the green ambient lighting or what, but I couldn’t really tell some of the guys apart. They seemed to be different manifestations of the same man: lively Dominican who likes to dance. I’m sure they have their differences, but I sure didn’t notice them or talk to any long enough to find out. The party was basically as diverse as Glamour’s cover girls (read: all the same) and it was exactly what I’d expected.

There was one guy Heidi and I talked to for a while, but that was because the three of us were trying to listen in on the love connection happening on the couch right next to him. Good times.

So that was that. No love connection and no numbers, but plenty of laughs. So what's next? Speed dating?

By the way, the chips were really good.