Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blasting "I Can Be Your Hero" at 7:30 AM...

Is not cool.

"Just Wanna Be With You" is slightly better. The accompanying vocals from the neighbor? Not so much.


  1. Too bad Enrique himself wasn't there to sing it himself. That I would put up with at 7:30AM!

  2. mmm that enrique/aventura concert i went to in october will forever live in my memories (and pictures), there was a huge crowd, but i swore the entire time they were ALL singing to ME ^_^

    k yummy!

  3. Time to get with the landlord and complain. They dont do anything, report the place to the BBB.

    Yeah....I've had my share of obnoxious neighbors.

  4. As in I can be your hero baybeh? No, really, that song?

  5. Yes. The one with the sobbing. Exactly what I want to hear at the start of my day.


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