Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Booked and Hooked

So apparently if there's a show I find interesting it's going to be shown on Wednesday nights. Now my Wednesdays are completely booked:

8 PM: American Idol
9 PM: Lie To Me or Lost (I can't stand channel flipping.)
10 PM: High School Reunion

That last one is a new discovery. Heidi told me about it last week because I'd never watched the show. I quickly forgot about it until Sunday when I was searching for something to watch and stumbled upon it. On TV Land. I didn't even know TV Land had shows from this century. Either way, they aired a rerun from last week so I was able to watch this season's first episode.

And I was hooked! I'm so rooting for Kara and Tom to get back together!

Oh wait, I guess I should quickly explain the premise of the show beforehand. Here goes:

A bunch of people who graduated from some high school named Chester or whatever are thrown into a house 20 years later. You've got your cool kids, the used-to-be-ugly-but-now-works-for-Playboy chick, the jocks, the nerds, etc. Tom was the jock and was married to Kara, the homecoming queen, for eight years and then divorced. Now they're living in the same house and temptation has already come a-knocking on Tom's door (that would be Jessica the play bunny of course)...and he answered! (Men.)

Anywho, there were no sparks and Tom and Kara think they're feeling a little sumthin' sumthin' for each other. And I was totally hating on Jessica in that skimpy little outfit until she said that she believes those two belong together. Please Tom and Kara, restore my faith in relationships.

See? One episode and I'm already invested.

Too bad I don't even think I'm going to make it through AI tonight. Yeah, you read right. I might call tonight's vegetating session off and just head to bed. After getting no sleep last night due to this annoying cough, I could barely function all day. I just hope I don't pass out during tomorrow night's outing with the girls: we're finally watching Shopaholic :)

So seriously, is there anything good on any other day of the week? (And of course I mean besides Sundays because hellooo Bridezillas!)

10:15 PM: 1) Am still hanging in here and will surely pay for it in the morning. 2) There's a new love connection on the horizon: Marcela and Scott W. Too bad Jessica has now set her sights on her BFFs potential man and is totally trying to sabotage. 3) Ok, I got the high school's name completely wrong: it's Chandler not Chester. Eh, whatev. 4) Can barely wrap my mind around going to my 10-year reunion next year. You imagine 20? Yipes. 5) The preacher's daughter has some skeletons in her closet fo sho. 6) Geez, this show is airing everyone's dirty laundry. 7) Yay for "forgiveness!" They make it look so easy, I'm almost tempted to try it someday.

MORNING UPDATE:'s going to be a cranktastic day.



  1. You know Idol is two hours, right?

  2. Yes. And Lost will trump Idol every single time. Btw, Matt was pretty craptastic just now.

  3. Oh my goodness...I love High School Reunion too! I am DYING to know the "secret" they keep talking about!!!

  4. umm a little late with hs reunion. i remember watching a show with the same premise, it may have been called high school reunion or classmates or something, but one things for sure, it aired YRS ago. they had the popular kids, most likely to succeed kids, prom king and queen, nerds, etc, etc.

    oh and if u want something else to watch... idk when it will air, BUT The Hills is coming back with a few more episodes almost as a part two to season 4 to wrap everything up, and then itll be gone for good dk... and dont front, that show is so bad, but sooooo good!

  5. Oh Lord I can actually feel my brain cells dying when I watch that show. You know what's worse? I Love Money. I don't know what possessed me to stop on Vh1 on Sunday, but clearly my mind wasn't right before and it sure was NOT right afterwards.

    And yeah, I don't know what season High School Reunion is currently on, but it's not the first. And I semi-remember Classmates.

  6. WHAT!!! i am so lost...The Hills will be gone for mean i have to really commit to The City...but there is no history there :(...sure Whitney is there but in this show its like she never had a life in California lol. no me gusta esto

  7. P.S. Oh snap! Lost takes us to Santo Domingo. I didn't know Sayid spoke el espaƱol :)

  8. Hey, maybe she's trying to forget...and you should too!

  9. I am watching a bit of Idol now and then will move on to Lost at 9. Lost has become quite geektastic this season. I'm loving it.

  10. It seems that I really have some TV viewing to catch up on. Although AI is a regular show in our house, the others you mentioned are not.

    Dish: What channels can I find HS Reunion and Don't Lie to Me on? I must be better informed!


  11. I must be the last person on earth who has never seen ONE episode of AI. Even my parents watch it and say it is, I quote, so funny and so good.

    I should give it a try! Is it too late this season?

  12. Is HS Reunion a reality show?

  13. heidi, isn't it soooo good?! Love it!

    3 Bay B Chicks, High School Reunion: TV Land, Wednesdays at 10 PM, Lie To Me: FOX, Wednesdays at 9 PM (right after American Idol, unless Idol wants to be greedy and take up two hours).

    sugarlens, it's ok. I can see myself losing interest soon enough actually.

    anonymous, yes it is because clearly there aren't enough of those already.

  14. HS Reunion is fantastic! I told you you would like it. I love that show and I hope Tom and Cara get back together.

    Lord, we need a life that does not revolve around watching other peopel live theirs!! Yes and I am the first one who needs one.

  15. I am sorry to say I don't watch much of anything right now. :( I've caught a few new episodes of House and AI....but mostly I've been watching basketball. I've heard the HS reunion show is pretty funny though...maybe I'll catch it on reality rewind??


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