Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AI's First Three

Who's going to make it into the rest of season 8?!

8:20 pm: Alexis is the first one in! I hadn't really heard her before now. She's got an interesting voice. At least it's not same ol' and that's always refreshing. Or maybe it was just her song choice.

8:31 pm: Anoop gets the boot and Michael goes through to the second spot. I don't remember. Is this the one who drills for oil? Hmm, am watching him sing and I think he needs a little more oomph. He seems nice but seriously zzzzzzz....

P.S. Yay for the group singing Jason Mraz in the opener! Those group songs are usually painful to listen to (especially when so many God awful singers are still in the mix), but I sure do like me some "I'm Yours."

8:41 pm: Ok, I blinked/ was totally distracted by the sis and completely missed who these two are. One minute Carrie and David Cook are singing something sometime somewhere and next thing I know these two peeps are belting out something about some letter. Are they Idol imports?

8:49 pm: Eeek!! It's down to Danny and Tatiana...

8:50 pm: Wow, for the first time the girl is speechless.

8:51 pm: Damn break!!! We just had one two minutes ago! I hate Seacrest.

8:56 pm: Eeeee!!! Danny!!

8:58 pm: Ok, no more shots of Tatiana crying while he sings please?

Well next week's group looks interesting. Now on to Lie to Me (though if the sis weren't here I'd totally watch Lost instead. Can't lose, both are great.)



  1. Yes, Michael Sarver is the oil rigger guy.

  2. That was Carly Smithson and Michael Johns from last year.

  3. Ok, now you can clearly see that I don't know ANYBODY from the last four seasons. Apart from the winner that is.

    Thanks! You should be my AI guru :)

  4. Please please please let it be Danny! I think Tatiana couldn't talk because she's ready to hyperventilate.

    (I've been watching since Season 3)

  5. I think it's funny to see cool, calm, collected Danny next to Tatiana. I'm more worried about what will happen to her regardless of whether she's chosen or not. I'm seeing spontaneous combustion in her future.

  6. *jumps up and down happily*

    Always love it when I get em picked right!

    *goes to update the Jukebox*

  7. Oh she totally played to the camera. She was preening when they came back from the break, then when she lost, she was so busy crying for HERSELF she couldn't be happy for Danny. She even had to go around the chairs to stand behind him to maximize her camera time, so everyone could see her crying.

  8. I half expect she'll be one that gets a Wild Card. With the crap she pulled tonight, I suspect she wont last too long unless a certain nefarious web site backs her. If they do, we may see more of her than we truly care to.

  9. they sang im yours??? was it any good?

    and jeez, if i knew u wanted to watch Lost I wouldve gone pa mi casa!

  10. Honestly, I didn't even realize what song they were singing until midway or something. It was one of those, "I know this song...I know I like this song...but your butchering and cheesy choreography is fogging up my brain..."

    And I love you too.

  11. I like alexis too. She's the only one I liked from that group. We'll see how the rest do...

  12. There sure are a lot of Damn Breaks in the show!

  13. I know who Tatiana is...but I don't know the results. Is she still around? I hope not.

  14. Nope, she's done and hopefully for good.


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