Friday, February 6, 2009

Horoscope on the Deli's TV

“Put the past the behind you. You can’t change it so you need to accept it.”

Yeah, thanks.

What had to say: Sometimes, when you see another friend's relationship meet an untimely end, you feel like one of the tricoteuse during the French Revolution, busily knitting on the sidelines while heads roll. You privately think to yourself, "Well, at least it's not me," and for the moment, feel comfort in not being trapped in a go-nowhere relationship. But the next instant, you see someone with such soul, grace and sparkle that your heart pounds. You try to distance yourself, but are too interested to remain on the sidelines for long. Buried beneath your elaborate defenses is a tender heart that has been bruised once too often. Instead of repeating a doomed to fail romantic scene with the wrong man, change the script. You know there are huge risks, but are getting strong enough to try again.

That's a bit better...I guess.



  1. I know,I'm always shady about horoscopes, I mean, how many geminis are there in the world, they can't all have the same fate.

  2. franco, I'm the same. There's no way it can apply to all, but it's still fun to read sometimes.

    anonymous, congratulations!

  3. found you through circlethesquare. I was married for 10 years and find myself in exactly that vulnerable position. As much as I like having a no drama type life, I do miss being with someone and I know I'm just going to have to take the risk of being hurt at some point.

  4. I love that they say the same me anyhow. LOL One is to the point, the other is sugary sweetness. :) I love horoscopes and astrological crap. It's fun to see what fits, and makes you think twice about how you THINK you are, and how you TRULY are.

  5. hey dorkys, you're a Capricorn too? another thing we have in common. not that i believe in horoscopes, but they're fun every once in a while.

    i'll take number 2 too.

  6. Horoscopes, I'm still waiting for the December's prediction of Weath and Peace of mind.LOL neither one has found me Sags just can't catch a break....=)


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