Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Illustrator's View of NYC

I've become a fan of Christoph Niemann's work and I only came across his NY Times blog a couple days ago (when I received a link to this). While I enjoyed looking through his creative posts, I have to say The Boys and the Subway is my fave so far (and his sons' bathroom is pretty cool). I'm even tempted to buy his book The Pet Dragon to learn a little Chinese on the side.

Now if only he posted more frequently. I mean, don't you just hate it when bloggers don't write often enough?



  1. Yeah, isn't that just the most annoying thing? When bloggers don't post very often? I would never do that...

  2. hahaha, those painting are funny but abit oo abtract for my taste.
    they would go perfect hanging in the subway stations.

  3. Indeed. I love when you post a lot. You had a phase there....I thought you went bloggysour.

  4. I was practically tapped out is what it was. And then I'll post three times back to back and feel I'll give readers ADD.

  5. LOL Chicago!

    It's definitely hard when you get used to certain ones posting a plethora of entries a day and then nothing for a few days....makes one go thru withdrawal...


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