Monday, February 9, 2009

Out Sick

You remember that episode in Sex and the City when one night Samantha is celebrating her independence and fabulous new home and the next morning she's a sobbing mess because she's sick and alone? I like being taken care of when I'm feeling under the weather. As in I become a total baby and just shuffle around the house in pj's all day. Plus, I never think to actually stock up on meds until after I'm already sick. Boo.

At least my sis sent me this last night and it made me smile this morning. Read more about it here.

Have you come across anything interesting recently? I'd love it if you'd share :)


  1. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I think we all like to "shuffle around in our pjs" when we're sick.

    That video was really cool. I'll have to watch it again when I get home tonight.

    Feel better soon!

  2. psh your sister rocks!

    and i love that video, it makes me feel all squueeeee inside, lol

  3. I hope you feel better!

    I love Sex and the City (have the entire series on DVD), but I don't remember that episode!

    Hmm...maybe I need to watch the entire series again.

  4. Im forever wishing I stocked up on drugs n stuff when I come down sick. And when am I likely to come down ill? Right after I've cleaned out the medicine cabinet of items that have expired and need replacing....

  5. Isn't that an awesome video!

  6. That's a really neat video! Hope you get to feeling better soon...

  7. I love SATC. I mailed something last night.

  8. Hmm... I guess you are still under the weather. I hope you feel all better soonest.

  9. Hope you feel better!

    Thanks for posting that cool!

    I posted a funny video on my page, it will for sure make you smile. :)


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