Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Round-Up

I know I haven't posted in ages so hopefully this will more than make up for my absence. Just skim through and check out what seems interesting. My brain is too scattered to write a focused post. Happy Sunday!

The Meaning of Lila

- I've been tired and lacking motivation. That and I've been feeling sick (again!) since Friday. Could be because:
a) my flu totally faked me out for a week leading me to believe I was cured only to come back with a "haHA sucka! Gotcha didn't I?!" Why yes, yes you did.
b) I caught a chill Thursday night when in the middle of showering I had to suddenly jump out because this dog was barking so loudly I thought for sure bandits were trying to break in. They weren't.
c) I didn't think going to sleep with my hair wet that same night would cause me to wake up at 5 in the morning feeling craptastic. I should've thought again.

- I've enjoyed reading random Facebook hateration this week. Like the Seven Lies We Tell Ourselves About Facebook, 25 Things I Didn't Want to Know About You and 25 More Things I Didn't Want to Know About You. They're funny because they're true (and you know it). Might I add that I found these while reading reputable news sources like CNN, Time and Newsweek? Comforting to know they're covering this stuff. I'm not even kidding. You can only read so many depressing articles a day.

- My time management skills need a serious makeover. That's why yesterday I created a weekly schedule for myself to regain some order in my life. Yes, I even blocked out bedtime, dinner and "me time" because I'm clearly not getting enough of those. How do you balance work with relaxation?

- I cannot wait to start this project! Can you guess what my goal is?

- Clifford passed away Wednesday morning. When I went to feed him I noticed that he wasn't jumping up for food like the famished beast he usually is. Upon further inspection I realized it was because he was already floating. Not sure if I'll get another one. I've got my hands full with the fur monster.

- Speaking of Toby, he's added "stand" (though not on his hind legs) and "go to bed" to his bag of tricks. I still need to work on the last one some more before moving on to the next tasks: "roll over" and "fetch me some oj."

- Mardi Gras is two days away! Time to binge, indulge and stuff our faces before getting our acts together if only for 40 days. I still don't know what to give up for Lent, but I'm thinking something along the lines of "no more limitations." It'd be a tough one, but I have faith I can pull through. What are you giving up this year?

The Meaning of Lila

- Who's watching the Oscars tonight? Not me. I can't commit to a 2-hour DVD let alone sit through a 10-hour awards show. Let me know if I missed anything.

- Some interesting posts from around the blogosphere:
*Circling the Square Table is always a good read. Especially since Tooj can go from goofy to serious in the span of a day.
*I'm not a parent (yet), but when I read about Heidi's hope to raise a strong little girl after her daughter's first run-in with school teasing, I was touched. Plus her girl is too cute. You almost want to beat up anyone who would ever hurt her feelings.
* I can totally relate to Joyce's typical Saturday.
*And I think many of us want what Lisa wants. I don't even mind her plea for more snow :)

- New Oldies But Goodies are up!



  1. Funny cartoons. Sorry about Clifford. Hope you feel better. I watched the entire Grammy's. I'm not sure I can make through the Oscar's.

  2. Hey there. I like random. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling poorly...hopefully you can shake it in time. Feeling sick is soooo not fun.

  3. Seems like this is a very unhealthy winter for a lot of people this year. Hope you're feeling healthy soon!

    Sorry your fishy died :(

  4. Sorry about Clifford. I never have luck with that type of fish either. Havent bought one to replace the one that died a couple years back. I figure we travel too much to get a fish like that.

    Sorry you feel poorly too. Hope that today's a better day.

  5. Wow, that was a pretty complete catch-up post!

    I'm guessing your goal will be to gain 5 lbs?

    I'm not Catholic, so I don't do Lent.

    I didn't know you had a fish. I'm sorry he died.

    I watched parts of the Oscars, Slumdog Millionaire won like a bazillion awards. Just about anything and everything they were nominated for, they won. It got pretty boring.

  6. the oscar where ok, nothing really exited happened exept the memory that penelope can't speak english well.
    there was a lot of gay politics, prop 8, blah blah.
    kate winslet won best actress, she was a the edge of tears.
    beta fish usually last a long time, weird.

  7. joanofalltrades, thanks. Well getting up this morning wasn't a complete drag so that's a good sign.

    tooj, tell me about it. I just have this annoying little cough now that I can't seem to shake yet.

    yaya, yeah, I know several others who've fallen ill over the last couple of weeks. And I'm sorry too.

    ladystyx, I've had a couple of them over the last several years. They're pretty hardy I guess you could say. This one was around for a while.

    chicagolady, yup, just trying to cover three day's worth. My goal is 10-15 actually. And I saw a headline about winning 8 awards when I signed onto Yahoo. Good for them.

    franco, good. I'm glad I didn't miss anything while watching 3 hours' worth of Bridezilla and Rich Bride, Poor Bride.

    And I bought the betta back in 2007. After several months, my brother adopted him and kept him for a year. I took him back in last summer when I moved out. I get sad when I think that fish just die in my care, yet they procreate under my brother's! And he barely even takes care of them! Oh well.

  8. Your goal is to gain weight!

    Sorry to hear about Clifford. It's hard to lose a fish. I am happy to report that BB2 is still surviving.

    I like this post! I did something similar on my blog. :)

  9. Those links about facebook and the 25 tag are brilliant! Like you said, so true.

  10. Sorry about Clifford. Pobre bebe.

  11. Great post!! (and thanks for the shout-out)

    I hear you on time management. I still don't know why it is so freakin' difficult to manage my time! Let me know if you figure it out. I could use the help. :)

    I hope you're feeling better.


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