Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Team Gokey?

Ok, I just turned on the TV and only got to catch the final performance on tonight's American Idol, but I'm currently all for Danny (who did wonderfully yet again)!

Oh, and can someone please get Tatiana out of there? Thanks.

Image: americanidol.com


  1. I don't like talking about people I don't know, but she's a flipping moron.

  2. She's so annoying! I'm counting on you too America...to not vote for her.

  3. I was really amazed at Tatiana tonight. She really annoys me, and I never wanted her in the top 36, but she was calm and sang relatively well tonight. I'm a complete Gokey fan, I just KNEW he'd do well tonight. Since only three stick around, my picks are Danny, Anoop and Alexis. But...I'm afraid VFTW will get enough votes out there to keep Tatiana around. You can go to www.rickey.org to see the videos of all the singers.

  4. I can't stand her! She makes me sick, it's like please go home, stop the torture.

    And I love Danny, I only got to see his performance, I got home late as well, but I can tell you that after the recap he was clearly the best, everyone else sucked.

    Yay Danny! :-)

  5. chicagolady, I mean I got to see when the judges were...judging her right before Danny's performance and she seemed semi-normal, but still. Her previous craziness trumps all. And votefortheworst.com ruins everything! Geez! Don't they have lives? Will definitely check out that site to see how your other two picks did. I saw Anoop briefly on the recap.

    heidi, join the club. Esa mujer me tiene harta con su loquera!

  6. I think Danny is awesome! He has a great voice!


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