Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time's a Wasting

I don’t really have much to say, but apparently my not posting regularly is limiting the amount of time you guys waste each day.

So, tell me dear procrastinators: what are you supposed to be doing right now? And what are you doing instead?

Now that that’s out in the open: go do something productive! You can thank me once it’s done :)

P.S. I changed the blog's section names in the hopes of making it easier for you to find certain posts. Also, started Italian class last night. More details on that to come. Plus, I'm sleepy.



  1. I should be working, specially now tht I just got a huge project that I have to start working on immediately.


    I need a 6 month vacation.

  2. Woman, you're going to have more than that if you don't get on it.

  3. I am with Heidi. I should be working, but instead I am reading your blog. :)

  4. I am supposed to be studying for atronomy, $ be taking a shower

  5. Well, I am technically on my lunch hour, so that would classify me as safe, however....I'm still not sure they would like that I'm on HERE??? Oh well. And if you aren't blogging regularly, and you aren't mailing *ahem* any letters....what ARE you doing? That's what you should be blogging about.

  6. I should be getting ready because we have to leave for hubby's appointment in an hour (Im really a notorious dawdler when it comes to getting ready)...Im not feeling really well though so I may tell him he has to go on his own. I also SHOULD be putting the laundry away and get those baskets emptied as it's nearly laundry day again....*sigh*...

  7. sugarlens, well I guess exceptions can be made for this.

    franco, at the same time? Impressive.

    tooj, I've been carrying these half-written letters for you and Heidi for the past month!! They're in my purse as we speak. You know what? That's today's goal. I will finish them today and mail them in the morning. Forgive me? (And of course Heidi read your comment just now and sent me an IM about it, so thanks a lot.)

    ladystyx, man I hadn't done laundry in about a month. Helps when you have an endless supply of socks and wash other essentials by hand. Hope you feel better :)

  8. Technically I'm on my lunch hour right now. However, I started reading blogs before I went to lunch. I can't help it if I have NOTHING to do! Am I supposed to sit here twiddling my thumbs all day? I'm BORED!

  9. since when does having dad pick up ur dirty clothes, dropping em off at moms, and then having dad pick u up with the clothes at moms to drive you home and take em up the stairs for you constitute as laundry?!

    you my friend are an imposter.

  10. chicagolady, No, you're supposed to check your e-mail every 5 seconds.

    dama, Here's my look of surprise that you wrote that :|

    Note to you: I still hadn't done laundry in a month regardless, no?

  11. omg same situation here with the endless supply of socks...and im supposed to be reading for class and annotating and stuff but instead im online waiting for it to be 9 so i can watch Lie to Me and read during commercials lol

  12. dariany, mira tu, ponte a estudiar mejor sera. Though I don't blame you. That stuff sounds positively riveting.


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