Monday, February 16, 2009

When Convos With Strangers Go Wrong

Scene: Discount store. Dorkys is just barely able to reach bottles of detergent on a high shelf. Middle-Aged Man Who Works in Store comes over to help, but stops when Dorkys successfully grabs the bottle of Tide and moves on to the Clorox 2 and Downy.

Middle-Aged Man Who Works in Store: Oh, you got it!

Dorkys: Oh yeah! I've got experience [in tip-toeing to reach things that is].

Middle-Aged Man Who Works in Store: That's why I've always liked small women...

Dorkys: [To herself] ....?

Just-Became-Creepy Middle-Aged Man Who Works in Store: They're very agile.

Dorkys hurries to the check-out line.

Dorkys: [To herself] Men.


  1. LMAO Seriously......LOVIN' it! Take it for what it's worth - a compliment! Creepy, but still a compliment! I'm still laughing....

  2. I knew it'd get a laugh or two :p

    I walked away embarrassed and thinking, "Did he really just say that!?"

  3. hahaha. creepy! but gave me a good laugh too! :P


  4. Ewww, sickos, lol

  5. Trust me...when I see updates on my blog roll, I get all excited too. LOL It's like living vicariously through so many people. :) Should I blog right now that I've just opened up a box of chocolates (that I got from the 11 year old, not the Hubby) and I plan on taste testing every one of them?

  6. It's always the strange ones that work in the discount stores!

  7. Ew.
    That conversation started off harmless enough, I guess. It went a bit downhill.
    Poor you!

  8. Oh my word. I would have done the same thing along with some raised eyebrows and an "Oh my God" expression. : )

  9. never ceases to amaze me the level of creepiness in men....they have no flipping clue....

  10. I've had experience with creepy old men too.. I meet people who first think I'm 14, and when they find out I'm not, they start hitting on me. Totally gross!!


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