Wednesday, February 4, 2009

You know what's awesome?

Just realizing Lost is on at the same time as Lie To Me. Argh.

Thank goodness for online episodes.

Currently watching: group disasters and train wrecks on AI.

Btw, new Oldies But Goodies are finally up.

*Ooh, I'm loving the harmonies going on tonight. I really like the guy (Danny) with the glasses whose wife passed away (I think). Yay!! All are through to the next round :)

*Bikini girl is outtie!!

It's now 9 PM. What am I watching? Lie to Me. (I still have to watch last week's Lost episode.)

So how are you guys vegetating tonight?

Apparently new episodes of Lie to Me returns in TWO WEEKS! Helloooo Lost :)


  1. I was watching AI too! I'm so glad bikini girl is gone, but I was also hoping for Tatiana, the girl with the annoying laugh would go too. Danny Gokey and his whole group were awesome. It's nice to see groups come together and put on a good performance like that. I can't wait to see next week's eppy's.

  2. Oy vey, Tatiana is such a brat. Oh and crazy. Fingers crossed she's done next week.

    Danny's group was great. I bet they didn't spend time bickering and causing drama.

  3. Danny and his friend that he went and auditioned with are both really good. I only watched half though, since we had tax lady here. It's refreshing to have that out of the way. Now I need to do some laundry so that I may find some socks. My feet are freezing.

  4. Looks like you and I spent time veggin to the same stuff.

    Lie to Me was pretty good but Im not certain if it's worth missing the show Life over. Then again Life is also on the Encore channel of Comcast as well as online so I wont ~truly~ miss it.....

  5. Tooj, oh wow. You guys are already done with that? I'm still waiting on forms to come in.

    Ladystyx, well that's because you and I have great taste. What's Life about? I've never heard (and clearly I need yet another show to get hooked on).



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