Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aversion to Allergies

As much as I love the thought of warm, sunny days and pretty flowers in bloom, another thought usually overshadows all of that: my dreaded seasonal allergies. There's nothing worse than feeling yucky and staying indoors on a beautiful day or avoiding a stroll through the park because you're scared you'll wind up sneezing, wheezing and crying from all the pollen. I'm the worst when it comes to taking medicine for anything (though I know I'll need to once spring is in full swing), but it's nice to know there are other pill-free ways to keep the "Achoos!" to a minimum. Do you get allergies too?

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  1. I was 21, in college. I thought I was coming down with some dreadful disease but I hated doctors and suffered for about a week. I finally dragged myself to the university health clinic and they blandly said I had seasonal allergies. I thought I was dying!!!!!!!!! But the following year? Nothing. The next year after that? I was dying/crying again while trying to jog a couple miles with my future husband. I haven't really "died" since that year, but they get me on occasion each season, very mildly. I am sorry you have to avoid the outdoors. :(

  2. Yeah, well even though I should, I'm the fool who still goes off to the park knowing full well that it'd be the worse idea EVER and then want to rip my nose off or gouge my eyes out later. Bad thing is, over the past year the allergies have been semi-present year round. Usually they're really bad the first two weeks in May and then poof! All gone. But my nose has been itchy for months.

    I think the key is not to rub your eyes. Once you start, there's no stopping no matter what you do.

    And like you, I developed seasonal allergies later on in life: end of high school/ beginning of college. You're lucky they come and go, though I'm sure that whole "Will I get it this year?" is no fun.

  3. Allergies are horrible. I LOVE the flowers and hate itchy eyes :) I have tried to take natural honey from the farmer's market when I am feeling them.

  4. Yep yep. Took the allergy test and found out it wasnt necessarily the flowers that were messing with me...it was the grasses and weeds and trees! Im on shots right now. Doing the build up ones right now so Im in every week. The shots dont take care of ALL of it but mean that I can at least reduce the pills and nasal sprays in the long run.


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