Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday!

(Thanks for the laughs, sis!)


  1. omg youre welcome, aint it hilarious!

    and the fact that it has the canon in D song is cherry on top!

    ps. lemme tell you k cagada hizo vickys. i got two bottoms for the backordered swimsuit, i called let em know, fine they ship out a top and tell me to ship back a bottom... i got the top and shipped out the bottom the same day... the next day dont i get another top?! wtf?!! so im shipping back the top, cuz idk if imma get charged, but im also secretly hoping they refund me that money hee hee, if they do, more shopping for me! no es verdad that imma be honest with them again, not my fault they fcked up twice!

  2. I will watch this at home. Pretty sure work won't allow me to view it.

  3. LOL, how funny! Love the background music too!

  4. OMG... still laughing! I have 3 cats at my house right now and the antics are just amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  5. dama, I was laughing so much, Toby start barking as if something were wrong with me. And you confused me with that whole Vicky's debacle.

    tooj, hope you enjoyed it :)

    justice jonesie, oh the music is just classic.

    caren, glad you liked. I've never been a cat person (plus I'm allergic), but these cats were just hilarious.

  6. OMG, that freakin' cracked me up! That poor cat swinging around on the ceiling fan!

  7. Apparently that was a computer generated cat for a commercial, so no worries!

  8. and thank you for the laughs LOL...
    I cannot believe that cat spinning with the fan, I would have felt so horrible and stopped filming/ and then that cat that fit into a wine glass. wow.

    Have a wonderful week!! :)


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