Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Last House on the Left

I can't handle scary movies. I refuse to lose precious sleep because of them and I'm even less inclined to watch one when I have to sleep alone. Which is why after Anonymous invited me to see The Last House on the Left last Friday, my immediate response was "I'll pass."

Two days later, she calls:

Her: Hey, do you want to go see The Last House on the Left?
Me: Que no!!
Her: Aww come on! It's not scary at all. It's actually from the creators of Disney!
Me: You liar!

And yet there I was five hours later sitting in the theater, my anxiety skyrocketing and eeeking like a little school girl. But even though I kept hiding my face in Anonymous' friend's arm throughout the movie (kudos to her for inviting a guy and making him sit between us), I have to say the movie needs improvement.

The first half felt so dragged out, I just wanted someone to come and put me out of my misery. Or at least put the main character out of hers. I even yawned when I looked at the time and slumped in my chair when I saw we were only an hour in.

Then there was the overly gruesome bodily harm. Some scenes were so uncomfortable and sickening to watch (and of course those were the ones they had to show in great detail) that if I wasn't squirming in my seat, I was peeking at the screen through my fingers. The pace and the gore definitely picked up in the second half, but in the end I still had unanswered questions (like whatever happened to her brother).

All in all, I guess it wasn't so bad. Maybe I'm saying that because I survived the ordeal (and yes, to me scary movies are an ordeal that must be survived). Or maybe it's because I was just happy it wasn't one of those psychologically twisted films that creep into your head and screw with your mind for life. Nope, I didn't need to call my dear friend at two in the morning freaking out because I couldn't sleep. I hope she's still counting her blessings.

The Last House on the Left: 2.5/5 Toasties

So do you love scary movies? Or are you like me: a total scaredy-cat who's not afraid to admit it?

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  1. I had to stop reading after "it needs improvement" for fear that you might give something away.....I can't take listening to people discuss movies that I want to see. LOL Even if it's just stuff that I would have caught on a trailer...I forget trailers, I forget LESS of what people say. I do like scary movies, but I am with you...not if I have to sleep alone. I tend to never leave my couch if that's the case. I think someone might be under my couch.

  2. Hahaha! I remember when I was young I caught a glimpse of this creepy movie on TV about a dancer. She was standing by her bed and all of a sudden some guy grabbed her legs and sliced her ankles or something. It's stuff like that that stays with you for a good long while.

  3. Total scaredy cat here and friggin proud of it. Let's just put it this way, my hubby took me to see Doom when it first came out (we got free tickets)... I saw ~maybe~ a grand total of 5-10 minutes of the movie that I deemed even watchable (from between fingers). I hate the slash/gore/jump out and say boo movies. *ugh* *shudders*. There is one exception though. Aliens Vs Predator. Now THAT movie, I sat all the way through without a problem and was totally riveted. Even in the yuck and goo and blood and creepy things jumping out....I still managed to watch it and Im not opposed to watching it again. Anything else? No thanks (not even the slash and gores that came out starring Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki). Everything else manages to give me near heartfailure!

  4. lol @ the movie being by the creators of Disney, lmao, ay anonymous, nunca faltan laughs contigo.

    ps. with the right guy, any scary movie is worth going to, hee hee =)

  5. I was kind of interested in seeing this movie, but I could never go to a theatre to see scary movies... If I am at home, I can either stop or fast forward or do something about it. In the theatre, there is no way out after paying $7 for it..

    Good job for sticking it out:)

  6. I will probably see this movie eventually, but I don't like scary movies! I don't mind ghost stories like What Lies Beneath, but I don't gross scary when the torture people. The Last House on the Left seems like the latter...

  7. Scary movies...heck NO! No no no!!!!

  8. LOL!!
    What DID happen to the brother? They never said did they.

    The movie was 2 thumbs up minus the corny ending...
    Glad you enjoyed!.. kinda.
    : )

  9. I could NEVER watch this movie!! I just can't do blatant scary movies. If it's a thriller...something that's a bit of a mind-bender I can do that. But I can't do gore and horror for the sake of gore and horror.
    I'm glad you survived it! :)

  10. i absolutely love them! though there haven't been any good ones in years it seems.

  11. I'm with you, Dorkys! I walked out of the only horror film I ever attempted to see in a theater... 10 minutes in. The only scary movie I've sat all the way through was Identity, because, really, can it be a horror flick if John Cusack's in there? And it was supposed to be more of a suspense thriller anyway. But the gore definitely got to me; I wish I'd hit stop at the start.
    My imagination and the occasional newscast provide all the suspense and horror I need to keep me going.

  12. ladystyx, completely with you there (except for the Alien vs. Predator). I don't like being surprised or startled. In fact, I get mad when people run up behind me and scare me. One because why would you do that?? And two because I'm such a punk. When I was younger I could barely even play Don't Wake Daddy. That little man would make me jump out my skin every time he popped out of bed. And playing Uno with my sister was practically traumatizing. I can still hear her to this day..."UNOOOOOOO!!!!"

    dama, tu sabes que si. Con esa mona siempre hay entretenimiento for days! And yes, it gives you an excuse to jump on his lap "in fright."

    maki, seven dollars!? Lucky! It's $12 down in this expensive city. But there was no way I'd pay money to see 15 minutes of a movie. Anonymous scores free tickets from her job :)

    And I'd rather be surrounded by lots of people than bare that torture by myself at home. Not that I'd even put myself in that position anyway. The closest I've come is watching Lost DVDs and hiding my face when those fools decide to run through the jungle at night. Morons!

    sugarlens, it is definitely the latter. And I don't remember if I ever saw What Lies Beneath. Probably not. Ooh, have you ever seen The Others? Saw it with my college roomy years ago and we kept scaring the crap out of each other with our screams, lol! Good movie though.

    caren, hello fellow scaredy cat :)

    anonymous, oh gee thanks. I remember you hiding your face too. And I agree, the ending was blah!

    heidi, yeah I can handle a tiny bit of mystery and suspense, but not other worldly shadows flying in and out of people's bodies and things that go bump in the night.

    josh, kudos to you! I wish I was that brave. And I've heard the same from scary movie fans. Did you watch Descent? Apparently that one was crazy scary.

    susan, oh I saw Identity last month! I didn't think it was so bad. And why don't I remember much gore in it...oh wait, never mind. I remember that whole bat incident. Either way I made it through with no problems, but that could be because I watched it with people while decorating cupcakes on Valentine's Day. Very unscary! But I'm with you: news nowadays can keep you up all night long.

  13. Yup, I have seen The Others, too. It was scary, but definitely didn't give me nightmares.

    I always think that the gross-scary kind is more realistic and more likely to happen to regular folks. And THAT scares me. I used to watch America's Most Wanted and it always freaked me out.

  14. Oh the ones that start out with "based on a true story" are the worst!

    Now THAT stuff freaks me out to no end because if it happened once...it can happen again...

  15. Yeah, I hear ya there. Every Halloween I have to send out a reminder to not send the "Boo" videos. You know the ones Im talkin about! I get startled so bad that I inhale and then forget to complete the breathing cycle (ya know, the exhale part); that and it feels like my heart's gonna come clear outta my chest it beats so hard.....

  16. YES!! I know exactly which ones: the ones where they tell you to focus on something stupid like a room or car going down the highway and all of a sudden some crazy ghost lady just pops onto the screen!! Why?? Why is there a need for that.

    I also remember when AIM had the little video thing on top of the buddy list window and they'd show trailers and whatnot. One night I forgot I had my volume on and all of a sudden the trailer for The Ring started playing loudly. Yeah...not fun...

  17. I'm not a big fan of bloody, gory movies. I have seen several, but I probably would never see them a second time. And I don't usually watch them willingly; I'll be the odd woman out in a group of friends. Scary movies don't give me nightmares, it's the simple fact that I don't like having to hide my face for half the movie, or plug my ears, because I know something's going to happen based on the music.

  18. i can understand enjoying the thrill of scary movies, but then the images stay with me for weeks, months sometimes! After The Ring i swore I'd never see another one...and then Jordan swindles me into seeing Saw 5, somehow. I closed my eyes for over 75% of it.



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