Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Madness

I don't watch basketball. I've never really cared to watch 40-year-old men run up and down the court. I do however watch men's college basketball for several weeks out of the year and that time is finally here!

A joyous time filled with brackets, upsets, lost bets and a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes I kick myself when those games go on forever, but they're so good. Yeah, I go into borderline cardiac arrest when it's a close one and scream when the tying shot makes it in that last second (causing the game to last another five hours), but it's fun. You know what's also fun? Filling out that bracket without a clue as to what you're doing and showing up some of the other pros in the team. Or going to the local sports bar to watch the game on a big screen surrounded by loud and passionate fans.

For newbies, here's a primer: 64 college teams compete for the national champion spot. The bracket lets you choose who you think will proceed to the next round. You score points for each correct pick and those points are increased with each round. Obviously, he or she with the most points at the end of the tourney wins.

Since I don't watch any games during the season, I have a strategy when it comes to picking which teams I think will advance to the next round:

- Do I like your school's name?
- Did I attend your school and you miraculously made it this far? (Way to blow it last night, Syracuse.)
- Did your school overcome an obstacle this year?
- Do you have a player with an interesting name, gripping story or sheer giant-like qualities? (Hi Sasha Kaun and Greg Oden!)
- Are you the underdog? (*Does not apply when a #1 school goes up against a #16. I'm not a complete fool here.)
- Do I even remember you from last year?
- Heads or tails?
- Is someone I know rooting against you?

See? It's all simple science. I know die-hards will look down on me for this, but eh. I only check into anything when the stakes are high and there's an end in sight. When players start feeling the pressure and craziness ensues.

I thought I'd create a private group for us so if you'd like to join in and fill a bracket click here (the group ID # is 41818 and the password is "dryastoast"). Brackets will be locked on Thursday, March 19 before the start of the first game so be sure you've completed them by then.

The winner will get lots and lots of...bragging rights. I'm pretty sure that's the currency in the sports world anyway.



  1. It's TOTALLY currency. I always fail miserably at brackets, but I will certainly fill one out once I use allof tomorrow to mull one over and make my selections. I tend to take these things as seriously as I can....and then I start resulting to feel good teams. (and kudos to you for the Sasha Kaun namedrop). LOVE IT.

  2. Great! I was hoping you'd join in seeing how you're one of those die-hards ;)

  3. If the uniform aint tight, I dont bother watchin. However, I wish all that participate good luck in the brackets!

  4. Heads or tails?


    Yeah, that would be the way I do it too!

  5. Even though I attended a collage that WON the NCAA tournament my last year there, AND I saw Larry Bird play in person the year Indiana State Univerisity won, I no long can get into basketball at all. I think its because the sport has devolved into a selfish individuals playing on a squad versus a real team sport these days.

  6. Guess it's just you and me so far, Dorkys!

    P.S. I suck at picking the winners.


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