Monday, March 30, 2009

Morning Show Goodness

I prefer listening to music as I get ready for the day. I like to sing in the shower and dance as I get dressed. If the dog is lucky, I'll even dedicate a number to him. The downside? Time flies when you pretend you're Beyoncé. What starts off as a carefree morning soon turns into a mad frenzy as I run to catch my train. I just can't seem to cut off a song when it's only halfway through.

So today I opted for a morning show instead: a couple songs interspersed with funny commentary from Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo. Only this time I was laughing so hard I'd lost track of the time anyway! Here's why:

The chorus gets me every time! (And if you don't know why this is hilarious then check out the original here.)

So how do you jump-start your day?

And P.S. Gross.


  1. Good heavens! *gigglin*

    Im the same with music. I hate turning it off in the middle of the song.

    And yeah...that was gross. Well maybe except the cheesecake...I think I could handle that. Everything else, though? Ummm no.

  2. Hey...where do you come up with these links. Too gross but pretty funny!

    Me...I am a morning person. I wake up and try to go back to such luck. A cup of coffee and I'm full steam ahead.

  3. "Time flies when you pretend you're Beyonce."

    You are hilarious!!!!

  4. That last link was grossssssss. ewwwwwwwwww.

    Oh and I don't really do much to jump start my day as I'm always running late. So my routine is: brush teeth, shower, dressed, and DOOR.

    : )

  5. I could not stop saying ewwww to the link.

    I wish I could get up feeling that happy, to want to dance around and sing songs. I get up, I mumble and stumble to the shower, get dressed, and leave. No time for anything but that.


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