Thursday, March 12, 2009

Six Wishes

What three wishes would you make for yourself right now? And what three would you wish for a loved one?

Right now I'd wish for no bills, 85 degree days and a good night's sleep. For my sister, an A on her paper, time to breathe and a budget!



  1. This was a REALLY nice exercise for me....thank you for making me stop and think! :)

  2. I wish for good health, a 6-months vacation, and good behavior from my pup.

    For my husband, I wish the next year will go by quickly so he can finish his masters.

  3. Me: I wish that the Jayhawks win today, tomorrow, and Saturday.

    Husband: I wish that the Jayhawks win the first weekend, second weekend, and third/final weekend of the NCAA tournament so that we may have back to back championships.

    That is all. Thank you. :)

  4. girl friday, you're welcome :)

    sugarlens, great wishes! I could use a 6-month vacay too.

    tooj, HA! Good luck with that one kid. And I have a March Madness post scheduled to go up as soon as the selections are made this Sunday ;)

  5. aw thats swt. but im sure you meant an A on her paperS...but while we're making wishes how about As in my classes... and leave my spending habits alone... its all i have!! and ive actually been behaving!

    ill be back later with my 6 wishes.

  6. Well I was going to write a straight-A semester, but wanted to make it more immediate. And woman, you need some type of control. At least your busy schedule is serving as such. Too bad for the Internet though!

    Meanwhile, I've yet to use the Victoria's Secret gift card you gave me a month ago. Someday...

  7. For me: that I was down to my target weight, that I'd keep it off, and that I could spend more time with my family

    For my hubby: that his allergies would go away, that he'd lose his desire to smoke (bot of those would help his breathing), and that he could spend more time with his folks (especially his gramma who is frail).

  8. Right now, I wish
    to find motivate to go to the gym.
    to be laying on a beach.
    to be cuddling with my stinky boogie
    : )

  9. I wish for warmer weather....for a vacation....for some yummy food and a glass of wine right now!

  10. For myself: no more back pain, my knee fixed so I can start exercising, and to live closer to my family.

    For my aunt: to have no more money problems, no more back/leg problems, and a better relationship with her son.


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