Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Night TV Rambles

* Best news of the day: Lie To Me at 8 PM instead of 9 PM! That means I can also watch Lost tonight! I hope it's this way forever. Even though that means no American Idol.

* Love this show and Tim Roth. Another thing I love? This chicken pad thai from Siam Grill.

* I knew it was too good to be true. Lost is a total repeat. Boo. At least next week it'll be the same time setup.

* How cute is Nestor Carbonell? Very:

* You know who else is cute? Sawyer...

* Some of these reality shows sicken me. The Cougar? Geez. Hey, does anyone remember Boy Meets Boy? Or Joe Millionaire? Such lies.

* Anywho, I think Dennis the Menace should be kicked out of the High School Reunion house stat. What he said was completely unacceptable and I don't buy his apology. If he wasn't confronted he wouldn't have felt "badly" about what he did.

* Boo! Boo to the "power of forgiveness." This show is dishing out "forgiveness" like candy on Halloween. Bogus.

* Note to you: Neil Patrick Hottie is hosting the TV Land Awards someday at some time. If you're into that sort of thing.

* So Scott "The Loner" H. has decided to leave the house because this fool stayed. I respect that, but also can't believe this monkeybutt gets to stick around despite his racist and homophobic remarks.

* Ooh, someone has a secret admirer! How romantic :) Have you ever had one? Here's how you can be one or find out who yours is!

* That takes some guts: to have a silent crush on someone for 20 years and then profess your love in front of the girl of your dreams - and a houseful of people. Oh band geek. Too bad she wasn't impressed at all. Ooh scratch that. This crush has been full on SINCE THE 7TH GRADE!

* Oy vey, this date is getting more painful by the minute. Why is he telling her about his past homelessness and his ex-fiancée who kept their engagement hidden from her parents? That's a first date DON'T! Here are some others.

* Yes! I hope Liz "The Wannabe" and Jenny "The Cheerleader" duke it out next week. And Tom and Kara go on their first date since their divorce, but apparently Dennis is trying to throw a wrench into the whole operation with his "feelings for Kara." Get out of there! I'm all for rekindling the romance :)



  1. Know who else is cute? Desmond.

    You're also a cutie patootie for such cute posts!! : )

  2. I was glad to see Lie to Me get moved because then I could catch ANTM on the tv for a change.

  3. Has Tyra started acting insane yet?

  4. OMG you totally burst my bubble! Lost is a repeat tonight?? LOL what a bummer. I had my hour of girl scout cookies and Lost all planned.


  5. So I don't watch this show, but I read "chicken pad thai" and I thought I would let you know that you're not alone in loving it, it's one of my absolute faves!

  6. so sad LOST was a repeat ...but the new South Park {almost} made up for it.

  7. I love Sawyer and Poor Scott H, and the cougar looks nasty, dating men your kid's age. Like a train wreck.

    I'm hungry.

    Sawyer is hot.

    I want Cara and Tom back together.

    The Ugly Duckling is a man-stealer.

    I'm hungry, I want chicken wings, lol

  8. gabby, sorry! I was all set for a new episode too. What a letdown.

    kelsey, isn't it so yummy?!

    love Maegan, I haven't watched it in ages! That show is always insane.

    heidi, thanks for your morning rambles. And yes, lets meet up for wings! So starving even though I've had 8 Dunkin Donuts munchkins and sipping tea. I'm about to make some oatmeal, but what I really want is ham, bacon and eggs on a roll!

  9. Were all those rambles for the same show?

    I'm really lost!

  10. Oh no no, I watched Lie to Me, then Lost and finally High School Reunion. Sorry for the confusion!


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