Sunday, April 5, 2009

And Then There Were Two...

I can't believe we're down to one game in the NCAA tourney, but here we are. Tomorrow night (at 9:21 EDT) North Carolina and Michigan State will face off for the final showdown. This could actually be the first time my chosen team is still in the running, but I don't really remember. So go UNC!

By the way, ChicagoLady's has been beating my bracket by just a couple points this entire time! I think I was in the lead for about a day, before she shoved me aside for first place. We both have North Carolina winning the whole thing, so at this point there's no way I could beat her. Oh, if only UConn had won last night...

Anywho, a big congrats to her!



  1. Ok, you and I are destined to ALWAYS be on opposing sides!!

  2. As a member of the Unversity of Villanova class of 1985, I know how exciting the tournament can be when you are involved.

    I can still see the Bulldogs going down... and Rollie Massimino's sloppy shirt half unbuttoned.

  3. Hope your team wins! (I just don't get into sports...sorry! :)

  4. GO STATE! Sorry... living in Michigan and having an MSU grad... we definitely GO GREEN around here!


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