Monday, April 6, 2009

The Bikini Search

Since Anonymous and I will be heading to the beach at the end of the month, I was excited to shop for a new bikini. Can you blame me? I've been using the same plain red bikini top and boyshorts piece from H&M since 2004! (For the record I've only worn it four times tops since that trip.)

Of course, Anonymous had some suggestions. (Seriously, she should just become my personal shopper already.)

"You need a plain one, a cute and flirty one and a sexy one," she said.

Well I crossed out plain right off the bat. I've always done plain, hiding behind non-attention-getters and then hiding that underneath towels and cover-ups. I've even worn jeans and a T-shirt to the beach just so no one could see my body! Well I'm sure I got attention nonetheless - for pure insanity. (My high school years were rough.)

I still had my Victoria's Secret gift card so I figured instead of buying sexy lingerie I'd use it for a nice bikini. It was just a matter of finding one I loved and one that actually fit my tiny frame.

And then I stumbled upon this one. "Perfect!" I thought.

Too bad it's backordered until the end of May. Boo. The search continued.

After a couple trips to the stores, I found my two winners: a cute one from American Eagle and this sexy one from Victoria's Secret.

Granted they are tiny - much tinier than anything I've ever worn - but I'm trying my hardest to leave any body hangups at home. No pointing out flaws that could very well be unnoticeable to anyone but me. If I see women of all shapes and sizes showing off their bodies in the sun, then why can't I? That said, I'm still trying to pack on the pounds so I don't look like a sunbathing skeleton.

Hmm, that was a hangup wasn't it? Positive flip: I've gained five pounds since November's trip to Cancun.

Just one thing: I'm contemplating going for a first-ever wax in three weeks and I'm scared!

So tell me, what type of beachwear do you prefer? A one piece? Boyshorts? A string bikini? And what do you do to get your body ready for swimsuit season?

P.S. Look at this little number my sister bought. If I could get her to pose in it while biting into a piece of toast, I'd totally switch out that banner picture!


  1. I best not least until the NyQuil wears off and the Prozac takes effect.

  2. Haha, yes, come back when your head's a little clearer!

  3. Awww I LOVE your bikini choices. Cute and Flirty and then there's hella SEXY!! Oh my, those boys are gonna be drooling in your tiny weeny bikini! Now if only I could find one that fits my ginormous belly.... : (
    Tankinis here I come...
    Ps. I love the blue one.. that's my fav!

  4. Anonymous, no hangups or body issues allowed on this trip, got it?!

  5. I love them, they are both cute and sexy!!

    Hope you 2 have a great time!!

  6. What a fun post. Great choices from AE and VS. I especially like it that they seem to have adjustable strings (for the bottom) so you can adjust it perfectly to your size.

    I like tankinis!

  7. I think all of these pictured are adorable. I am an in betweener right now...."mom suit", "young mom suit"....or old me suit? Hmmm...I envy your shopping right now. You don't have mommy hang-ups. LOL

  8. Considering that even when I was thin enough to wear a bikini I didn't wear one, I don't think I'll ever get into one again.

    With that said, there is no "swimsuit season" for me.

  9. heh heh heh...well that explains the more recent entry with the chick biting the toast. Judging by the comments here, I suspect I know WHO Photoshopped it and WHY they dont want the credit. LOL. Musta brightened their day to have such a challenge.

  10. These are cute!! Good luck with the bikini hunting...tell us what you end up with. :)

  11. A LITTLE NOTE: While I LOVE the pattern on the first one ...I've purchased that top before and it does NOTHING for the bust ...just fyi. I sent it back :)

  12. heidi, thanks! And we will! You know there's still time for you to join in ;)

    sugarlens, I used to wear nothing but tankinis through high school. And yes, the strings are really convenient! I can make sure it fits really tight to avoid any mishaps should a giant wave come and knock me over.

    tooj, I KNOW you're not contemplating an "old me" suit! Silly, you're nowhere near any of that, got it?! And I might not have mommy hangups, but there are other body issues for sure.

    chicagolady, yeah I figured I'd better flaunt it while I still want to. And hey! You never know if you'll find yourself in one someday. ;)

    ladystyx, oh it sure sounded like they enjoyed themselves and I was beyond amused when I received it :)

    heidi, I actually bought the two middle ones!

    maegan, thank you sooo much for that! I've been semi-torturing myself over the fact that I won't be getting this piece. Now it'll be way easier to get over it!

  13. i love, i wish they would give out more coupons! and i also love bikinis, and currently i have around 50!:-)


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