Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Couple Questions for Anonymous

So my buddy and I are heading out to the Dominican Republic on Tuesday (at the crack of dawn! What on Earth were we thinking??). I know she's been crazy excited since we booked the trip and I thought I'd shoot her some questions to see just how much she was bouncing off the walls/if I'll have to slip her a Ritalin during our flight.

Why did you want to go to on vacation together?

Because I think it'll be lots of fun to go bug out somewhere, sit on the beach, have some drinks, chit chat and talk bad about everyone.

[Sounds good to me! Sure beats sitting at work, sipping tea, e-mailing and...oh wait, we talk bad about everyone here, too.]

What are you most excited about our trip to DR?

THE BEACH! Well everything actually. I’m excited about the plane, the unlimited resort food, the shows at night. I’m excited about Ocean World, the heat, the sun, looking at boys. I’m excited about EVERYTHING.

[Make that two Ritalins.]

What other things do you want to do over there?

Oops, I think my previous answer answered it all! There’s dancing, of course, and the pool and the unlimited drinks and watching cows…oh! Maybe we should go horseback riding…

And I’ll show you the hole of a campo my family is from. You'll love being in the middle of nowhere. I can take you to the Mirabal sisters museum, which is not much but hey, it’s a hole in the earth. We can go to the car wash and eat helados BON.

[Three... And apparently, the "car wash" is both a car wash and a club. You can go hang out and dance as they clean cars. The things these people think up.]

You’ve never traveled with me before. What do you think that will be like?

I think it'll be great, Dorkys. I think we'll have fun together and it'll be a bonding experience!

[Aww, how sweet! I take that back. Only two then. I'm so nice!]

What will you do if I get on your nerves?

I guess I could drown you in the deep end of the pool, but since I don’t swim, I can just push you into the deep end...LOL! Just joking...why would you get on my nerves??? Oh let’s go to the spa too. They’ve got some cheap massages!


What do you hope I get out of our trip?

Besides a tan? A relaxing, get away from it all vacation with good company.

[Meanwhile, I feel like I just ran a marathon reading this itinerary.]

Did you start packing yet?

Yup! I'm halfway packed. I just need to get a couple things at Rite Aid and do 1,000 sit ups. : )

[Me? I haven't even pulled out my dusty suitcase yet. The clothes I bought weeks ago are still laying on the couch with their tags still attached. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get to the airport without my passport or flight confirmation page. Last minute, frantic packing is all me.]

On a scale of 1 to 10, how sane do you think you are?

Ten being the most sane?? Then I am a perfect 10!

[So wait, do the insane actually know they're insane?]

Do you snore?

No way. I talk. I talk loudly and a lot…just kidding...

[Time to charge the iPod...]

This is going to be one hilariously interesting trip. (And I can't wait either!!)


  1. hahahaha! Love it, but I thought our flight was at 9.. Thanks for the reminder! I'm rrrrrrrrready to rock!

  2. Loved it!! this is hilarious

  3. This sounds promising! I can't wait to hear all about your experiences.

  4. anonymous, nope that thing is at 6 in the freakin morning! Remember when we were trying to save 20 bucks and now will be arriving in DR like two zombies? Awesome.

  5. Great questions! I never would have thought to ask questions like that before taking a trip with someone, and wish I had years ago, ended up on an island with a psycho b*tch that had no regard for the rest in the group.

    I'm leaving Saturday morning and I'm not packed yet. I haven't even done laundry yet. Can you say "allnighter"????

  6. P.S. Are there DR shotglasses at the airport there?

  7. Oh these questions were for entertainment purposes only. I've known this one for 13 years (yipers...) so I think I've got a handle on her by now.

    And they should, I think. Or at least in the area somewhere. Why? Did you want one?

    And laundry! I have to do laundry too...

  8. Are you bouncing off the walls too?

  9. I'm with ChiLady....I leave Saturday morning around....5 or 6? Something early, and I haven't begun to pack for myself or T.O. Oops!

  10. Chicago collects them so that question was her way of asking for one.

    Sounds like a great trip, I look forward to the stories you tell after. Travel safely you two.

  11. Oh sure thing, chicago :)

    And I'm sure there will be LOTS to tell when we get back. It's just a matter of whether she'll let me tell them or not.

  12. you're mad late on the car wash thing... gas stations have also turned into make shift clubs... idk maybe its jst anything car-related that can be transformed into a club. the monumento used to be one as well, then they banned cars from going up, and now its like a funeral home paya de tan callado.

  13. LMAO @ car spot clubs and RIP monumento :(

  14. I luv reading Q&A! Have a fabulous vacay beautiful! ~XO*

  15. Sometimes I wonder.... exactly how anonymous I really am...

  16. Sounds like you will have lots of crazy times! Have fun you two!

  17. haha great questions, i think I'm a 5 on sanity

  18. Thank you soooooo much! Just let me know how much it was and I'll send you the money right away.

    I'll love you forever! Just kidding. Or not.

  19. That sound like so much fun!!

    Hey, I'm blogging for a good cause today. Mind stopping by?

  20. Chikas, Have a super time. By the way anonymous, my dad's family lives close to the Mirabal museum...very interesting.

  21. Mabel, really? My family lives ahi en la entrada del museo... hmmmm


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