Wednesday, April 8, 2009

High School Reunion Finale

I can't believe tonight is already the final episode of High School Reunion. My thoughts (as I watch the show):

- Scott W. is standing by Maricela despite Crazy Jessica's allegation that Maricela is a woman of the night several weeks ago. Funny, Maricela kind of skirted the accusation. Hmm...

- Wow, their tradition is staying out in the football field the night before prom? Why didn't Tech have something like this? Oh wait, that's right...because our football team had to go AWAY for home games. Lame.

- Dennis, the used-to-be-annoying guy who managed to offend the whole house in five seconds flat, just asked Shalonda out to prom. I'm actually impressed by his reformation. Let's hope it lasts once he's back in the real world.

- So rooting for Kara and Tom to do some rekindling! He just asked her to go to prom with him. Will they give it another shot after the show's over? *Fingers crossed*

- And Andrew, the band geek who had a secret crush for 5000 years on one girl, finally had his dream come true when she asked him out. Mind you she totally rejected him the first few days, but who cares?! Anything can happen on prom night ;)

- Man that Tom is one cutie! And he's so sweet.

- Uh oh, Scott W. is trying to pull some man stunt. Why does he want to discuss the gossip now?? Boo now her feelings are hurt. On prom! Unacceptable.

- Ok, on the real, I think she might have had a shady past (hey, those student loans are no joke), but that she's all good now.

- And because all things are always forgiven in the HS Reunion world, they kiss and make-up.

- My own prom memories were eh. I didn't get asked out to prom so I just went with some friends. It was all fun...until the final song came on and I realized that my whole table had someone to dance with and I was just sitting there alone. Blah. I teared up and went walking around the hotel ballroom (in the World Trade Center) hoping someone would pull me out to the dance floor. Seven years later, Mr. First found that song and played it for me one night so it could replace my memory of that song.

- Andrew got an "oh, what the hell" kiss (after she told him he'd make some other girl really happy)! I think his eyes popped out.

- YESSSS! Another shot for Tom and Kara! Hollerations! "I feel butterflies when I'm with him. I think Tom is my fairy tale, I just never knew it." And I love that everyone else has been feeling the same for those two.

- Cue Taylor Dayne's "Tell It To My Heart" performance. So if you'll excuse me, it's dance time!

- Prom King: Cowboy Chad. And after being an outcast through high school, never making the cheerleading team or going to her prom, Liz became Prom Queen :)

- Good-bye Chandler class of '88! (And slick Tom and Kara stayed behind for the "honeymoon they never had." Mmhhmm...)

For those who watched, what did you think of it? Were your own prom/reunions any fun?



  1. DEAR JESUS, I am so happy for those 2! I love Kara and Tom, and Ton is a total cutie!! She better give him a honeymoon!!

    It was sweet and I think Maricela was a hooker, she never denied it, she just kept saying how much she's changed and what a good person she is now. I don't think that Scitt W will ever get over that, and I don't blame him it's tough. Specially when she has never really denied it.

    And Jessica ended up alone and crying.


    I was so TV'd-out after Lost that I went to read.

    I love the update, though. YEAH for Tom and Kara! Whoo!

  3. I never went to any prom... Sigh, the ultimate nerd (well, short of camping out all night at the movie theater before the premieres of LOTRs, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek or simliar - THAT, I never and will never do!)

  4. ....where exactly was our Prom at again??? I don't remember one bit.

  5. heidi, yeah, I kind of felt bad for Jessica. Her only friend was that swan in the lake (which by the way was a little too appropriate for her Ugly Swan title).

    kelley, I was actually wondering if you saw it!! It was good and glad you enjoyed the recap. By the way, I saw Lost too, good stuff there too :)

    intense guy, it's ok. I'm sure you didn't miss much. Just drama and spending lots of money on clothes.

    anonymous, I believe it was at the Marriot in one of the other WTC buildings. Either Building 4 or 5.

  6. Ok, I missed the firs 20-30 minutes. Did Jessica go to Prom with anyone?

    And I'd just like to say that the Taylor Dayne song was pretty catchy, ahaha

  7. Actually two guys doubled up: Cowboy Chad took Liz and Jenny and Manny took Jessica and Octavia, I believe.

  8. Don't feel bad, I didn't get asked to prom either and didn't bother to go at all. That was cool that Mr. First found that song to change your memory of it.

  9. I never watched this show, but you make me want to catch the next season. Keep me informed.

    I think what Mr. First did for that song was so sweet. :) Good memories always ease the pain.

    Prom was "alright". I went with my h.s. bf both junior and senior years. He had a way of creating drama just by being himself, which was STUPID. Ah, the memories. LOL

  10. I've never heard of this show before. I've never been to one of my high school reunions either. I think I'm afraid it might be too interesting (and scary!) I'm stopping by from SITS to say hi.

  11. how do I not know about this show?! I'm so bummed I missed the whole thing.


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