Saturday, April 18, 2009

When Do You Want Someone Most?

Do you usually wish you had someone to cuddle with during those cold winter nights? Or do the *sighs* kick in when the sunny days of spring come around?

As I was walking the puppy, I realized: cold winter nights were manageable (though all those holidays were tough). But Mother Nature and her procreation agenda make it much easier to feel lonely when you have no one's hand to hold onto as you stroll through the park and enjoy this beautiful weather.

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  1. I can answer your question with three words. All. The. Time.

  2. I'm an absolute zombie when it gets above 80 degrees, which is most of the time around here (Tucson, AZ). So I'd have to say I start feelin' real snuggly once the first fire gets lit come November.

  3. Yes, very true. In nice weather it's like happy couples walking and holding hands come out of the wood work.

  4. Not as often as my first marriage, but sometimes a bit more than I care for. Especially on the days hubby works.

  5. The sighs always kick in at this time of year...not so much because of men, but because it is finally freakin' spring and the sun has decided to come out!

    I hope you find your someone to share those strolls through the park with...if you want someone, that is. :)

  6. Would you like sticky fingers from syrup or would you like sticky fingers with saliva on them? I can ship either via Southwest Airlines in a heartbeat. They'll walk in the park with you. One of them (T.O.) even suggested that his new friend Dorkys visit his house. LOL B/f in the making.

  7. I'm in agreement with ChicagoLady's comment... Well, except maybe a sometimes when I want to be alone - like when I'm in the Men's room... Seriously, more and more, lately, I just rather be alone.

  8. Yes, I agree.

    But I like it just as much to walk my puppies or hang out with my friends while strolling through the park and enjoying the beautiful weather.

  9. chicagolady, seriously! Earlier I told my friend heidi, the post title should've been "When DON'T You Want Someone?"

    susan, oh wow. I have a much higher higher heat threshold: about 90 or so. But yeah, I don't want to be anywhere near ANYONE when it's humid, hot and sticky. Too bad you're all up half the city when you take the subway in summer. Gross.

    yaya, I guess that's the only redeeming quality about the harsh winter months: not being subjected to all the public canoodling.

    ladystyx, does he have to go away for days at a time?

    heidi, thank you (and I do) :)

    tooj, Aww, I have a new bff! How cute is that? Next time I want to be friends with someone I'm just going to send them a book :)

    intense guy, yes I'm sure we all agree that trip to the bathroom should be a solo affair. About the last statement: do you think it's because you've grown used to it by now?

    sugarlens, I agree with you: puppies and friends are such nice company on pretty days.

  10. Definitely. Grown used to it and given up hoping. Not to sound "sad" about it... I live a very, very full and busy life.

  11. Enjoy your days of being single. Yes, I remember longing for someone, but marriage is no joke. I LOVE spending time with hubby and cuddling, but there are days I desire my space - and I'm sure he does also (lol).


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