Saturday, May 9, 2009

Adele's Lovely Concert

Last Tuesday (Cinco de Mayo) was Adele's lovely concert at the Roseland Ballroom. Truth be told, Heidi and I were beside ourselves when I bought tickets to the show way back in March, but then were "eh" when the day finally arrived. Well let me tell you we went right back to giddy as could be when she walked out on stage and started singing.

The Roseland was standing room only (which doesn't always provide the greatest views if you're short like me), but it was a great time nonetheless. She was the cutest with her giggles and bundle of nerves over playing in NYC. Granted, I could barely understand her British accent, but when she sang she was amazing and effortless. The audience sang along as she went through her entire album adding covers and snippets of new songs along the way. The place was packed and still people danced on top of each other.

We even got to sing Happy Birthday to her (she turned 21 that day)! Her mom and crew surprised her with a huge cake and a balloon drop. Adele even brought us a bag of candy to pass around. Speaking of which, I should really eat that at some point...

Anywho, I loved the concert and can't wait for her new songs. Below is "Make You Feel My Love," a beautiful song that tears up my insides each and every time...


  1. Aww i love her! Can't believe she's only 21...makes me feel old haha. And i love that song altho it makes me kinda sad =/

  2. I love this song and she does it so much better than Garth Brooks.

  3. I wish I could hear it well enough to make out the words...

    Oh well, I'll go google up the lyrics...

  4. la risa, I had no idea she was that young either! Very impressive if you think about it.

    katie, see, didn't even know he sang that song. I couldn't imagine anyone else singing it.

    intense guy, you definitely should!


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