Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 2: Missing Family & Poolside Fun

OK, I'll never complain about Toby's barking when I'm trying to sleep ever again. Not only were these guys talking loudly right outside my window, but then it was pouring rain last night. As if that weren't enough, those freakin roosters couldn't stop their incessant crowing! At least two hours went by before they shut up. And by then it was time to get up. Still tired.

Right now Anonymous's uncle is driving us from Salcedo to our resort RIU Merengue in Puerto Plata. It's weird, but I miss Santiago (where my family is from). I missed the smells, the warm breeze, two-minute rain showers, the hospitality. We're driving through it and I actually wish I had seen my family. For five years I've refused to come and when I agreed to this trip I didn't want to tell anyone I was in the country. Now that I'm here, I wish I had. Weird, huh?
You know what I didn't miss? The crazy driving! Well actually that's not entirely true. I have to admit I like the thrill of "Will we make it or will we die en route?" I don't know how anyone can manage driving around here. It takes some serious skill (or suicidal tendencies). Yesterday we risked our lives like 50 times - and half of those was just by trying to cross the street.
Our rooms were decent. And considering we were only going to be in there to sleep at night, I was just happy for hot water again. Please notice my side of the closet to the left and Anonymous's side on the right.

We spent the day walking around the resort, eating buffet food, still being incredibly tired, chilling in and around the pool and enjoying the animation staff's crazy antics. Fun times :)

OK, I still don't know how to swim and my whole "I don't want to dunk my head under the water" is a bit problematic. Someday...

P.S. LOVING my swimsuits and cover-ups!

There's a show here every night and tonight there was an audience dance competition and then a rendition of Grease. Can you believe I've yet to watch that musical?
After that we went to the resort's discoteca for the rest of the night. Now that place was smoky as hell. I mean I had fun dancing and clogging up my lungs, but by the end of the night my throat was killing me. Maybe there should be a "No Smoking" sign when you enter paradise.

P.P.S. Why do all the drinks taste like fruit juice?? You can't even taste the alcohol in them. Lame.


  1. Haha, I love the closet pictures. Did Anonymous wear all her shoes during the trip?

    Jamaicans drive pretty crazy too! But I was never too worried because they must know what they are doing. I just wasn't used to it.

    PS. Use a little float to help you "swim". I am not a good swimmer, but in Jamaica I was so glad I rented a float for the entire week. I was comfortable to swim in the ocean and snorkel.

    PPS. Can't wait for the 5pm post!

  2. What I need is a giant fish bowl around my head so water doesn't go into my ears or nose. I hate that sensation. Above water I can hold my breath for a while, but once water hits my neck I start panicking.

    And we both took tons of outfits and shoes that were left unworn.

    Btw, the 5 PM post should be pretty interesting :)

  3. I love the picture of anonymous and the ketchup lol.

  4. omg now i cant wait til the 5pm post,since u said itd be pretty interesting...

    plz plz plz consider coming with me and D in August??? if even for a few days??

    the closet pics are hilarious, the rooms look big. and no bathing suit pics? lame!

  5. heidi, chick was all about the fries y los sanguichitos! One night she went out looking for them at 2 in the morning!!

    dama, great. Now I've hyped it up too much. No es nada actually. And I thought about it while we were driving through Santiago, pero eso esta en puro veremos.

    The rooms were all right. The beds were big: two king sized beds pushed up together so there was plenty of space. But were seriously there to sleep and get ready for the day.

  6. ...didn't we like have a tv too? I'm sure it must have been there..

  7. We did, but the remote didn't work. It served as background noise a couple times though.

    And considering how much trouble we went through to RENT an iron in that place, trying to get a functioning remote would not have been worth it.

  8. oohooh you hear that Dama theres possibility...maybe we should work on our convincing techniques, lol....and damn you Dorkys for making me wanna leave now instead of in August lol....and i can tell that there aresome pictures missing soo how about you send some my way...i wanna see ALL of them hehe!!

  9. uh oh Dorkys my bad I am at work and the computer is kinda funny so i kinda had to click publish a lot cus it didnt appear to be working...can you please delte all of

  10. Foolio! When I saw seven new comments I thought, "Woohoo!" Thanks for getting my hopes up. Now go comment on the next one :)

  11. P.S. The rest will be on Facebook tomorrow night so you can see them there.

  12. by the way anonymous is not soo anonymous in the pic with the ketchup lol

  13. DOn't you just love the drenching two minute showers especially if under a tin roof. You cannot even hear yourself think. Those sounds smells and even the crazy crack of dawn rooster crowing is what I miss the most about my beloved home. Someday I will return forever. Such fond memories in those showers or hearing those roosters. Makes me mis my gramma and granpa, thanks for reminding me of them it's nice.

  14. As crazy as it sounds, I actually like the smoke in clubs. It really means and makes me FEEL that I'm out. That I'm with grown-ups, and that we can do what we wanna do! Silly, I know.

  15. Lame? That's the way I like 'em! Alcohol tastes yucky. I hate when here in NYC every bartender likes to make drinks so horribly strong that I have to make faces every time I take a sip. Or order juice on the side and look like I got drinking problem. :)

  16. Mabelita, I actually do love it and I love how you can smell the rain coming from miles away. At the resort, people kept packing up their stuff to get away from the rain. Meanwhile, we'd just throw a towel over our heads and keep it moving. Minutes later, the blazing sun would be out again. So when's your trip to DR? You need to go reclaim that airport land.

    tooj, you're too much. Smoke gets on my last nerves regardless of where I am.

    kitkat, man if I'm paying for alcohol I'D BETTER TASTE IT! Especially in NYC when drinks are $10+. I'm not trying to buy ten of them to feel the tipsiness coming. If I wanted juice, I'd walk over to the grocery store and pay a buck fifty for a Snapple.

  17. Anonymous's closet looks like me when I travel! LOL! I always carry atleast 5 pair of shoes and have to line them up perfectly and hang all of my clothes as soon as I check in.

    When we went to New York last summer I took a huge suitcase for just 4 days. A man at the airport laughed because it looks as big as me. He asked if I was going to be gone for months and I lied and said a couple of weeks. I couldn't dare tell him the truth and have him judge me! :)

  18. Good lord... look at all those shoes!!! holy (dead) cows!!!

    You need a bowl like Sandy the Squirrel wears in SpongeBob SquarePants!!

  19. Oh and by the way... you have WAY SEXY ankles!!

    They go with that dynamite smile you have!!

  20. Maybe for your next vacation you could invest in ear and nose plugs. That would eliminate the sensation of water getting in them. Looks like you were having a fab time!

  21. joy, I over-pack too, but she beat me there.

    intense guy, funny, but I thought of her character too when I mentioned the bowl! And thanks for the compliment. As an ankle expert, I'm sure you know the good ones when you see them.

    chicagolady, Anonymous actually went ahead and bought a pair at the gift shop. She said they worked pretty well, but I was still iffy. Too bad she lost them the next day.


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