Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 3: Beach Bums & the Full-Blown Crush

We spent the first part of the day having a mini photo shoot at the beach. Yeah, we might have looked like two goonies jumping around for the camera, but who cares? It was fun! I could definitely get used to this kind of life.

According to Anonymous, this resort is subpar. There are three connected RIUs where we're staying: Merengue (where we are), Bachata and Mambo. RIU Bachata's pool le da tres patas a la de nosotros! Theirs is twice as big, has a waterfall, swim-up bar and different levels and steps. Ours has umm...water. Oh well, it was also the cheapest one so you get what you pay for. Besides, if you reside in one you can eat and play in any of the three. So you bet we walked our little hineys over to Bachata to mooch off their goodies!

Oy vey. Why do I have to be so freakin shy? Around guys, I mean. Cute guys. There's a cute-as-hell French guy who works in the animation staff that I met while he was going around the pool area recruiting people for a game. Yesterday, we spoke a little French when we passed by each other and then he came up to Anonymous and me at the show last night, kissed us each on both cheeks and chatted with us a while. Before the day was over, I had a full blown crush. And dear Lord I can barely talk to the guy now!

But, of course, I won't do a damn thing. I get all nervous when I see him and I can't bring myself to walk up and talk to him no matter how many times Anonymous says so. The kid (he's 20, btw) even has a tattoo going down his spine: Carpe Diem. Of course.

Crap!! So earlier today Anonymous and I were talking about the French Cutie and I said he'd probably be off in another hotel if I ever came back to this one. She said no and that he'll probably still be working here. Fast forward to six hours later. The French Cutie and I are talking alone by the bar as I wait for Anonymous to return from her 50th trip to the ladies' room. Turns out it's his last night on the job because his three-month contract is up and the man is flying back to France in two days!! I didn't even have the guts to ask him for a picture. *Sigh* So kicking myself right now :(


  1. ..... I have a PICTURE of the French cutie... Who wants to see it? It goes to the highest bidder!!

  2. aww man it sucks about Frech cutie...i hate moments like that when u wish you done something but didn't. I met a cutie too the other day actually saw him twice and both times i never stood around long enough to ask for a number or atleast a facebook or anything and i doubt ill ever see him again since i met him through my ex's sister :/....YAY for facebook pics!


  4. Yeah, I still regret not walking over to him and just going for it. Like I've been told several times already, I was on vacay, I'd probably never see him again and so I had nothing to lose. I'd say "dignity," but that's just another way of saying I was scared and didn't want to bruise my ego! Oh wells.

  5. haha, I saw a pic!! Haha!

    And you should have exchanged emails and some smooches. Carpe Diem, Cease the freaking DAY Dorkys!!

  6. I WANNA SEE TOO!!! and omg cute pics!

  7. wait, HOL UP! Dariany, what the hell are you doing online?! Go to work beast!

  8. the bathing suit looks great on you btw! shh Dama i can multi-task

  9. heidi, yes yes I should have seized the day, something, anything!

    dama, tell me something I don't know ;)

    dariany, thank you! I loved them both actually. Loved the colors on the bright American Eagle one though.

  10. :( goodbye hot young crush! How sad.

    I love the second pic!

  11. Looks like a great time. How wonderful you were able to mooch off the other resorts for entertainment. Gotta love places like that. Why pay anymore than you really have to?

    Speaking of moochin', you should mooch the picture of the French Hottie off Anon and post it here...

  12. It looks like a great trip! I also think you should post the French hottie picture!

  13. Great jumping shot!

    I am with all others, I want to see a picture of this French Cutie!

  14. Those beach pics look like such fun. Can you believe I didn't get to wear my new swim suit at all in Florida? Bummer, seriously. It looks like you guys were having a wonderful time, subpar or no.

  15. Love the jump shot! I've been quite bored with my own shots for a little while now and started jumping in them to get some life out of me. Now they're all so cool and action packed. Big fan of all the jumpers. ;)

  16. yaya, tragic really. And thanks!

    ladystyx, yes that's us. Two moochers who try to get away with as much as we can for as little as possible.

    gabby, it was so much fun. I still wish I was back there :)

    sugarlens, thanks! It took many tries before Anonymous finally got it right.

    tooj, are you serious?? Maybe you can go to the park and run through the sprinklers in it?

    kitkat, I enjoyed the jumping shots! If you see the previous attempts for this one and put them together it's like a flip book because we kept missing the shot. But I had fun trying to get it. My fave is the one we took days later in the pink dress.

  17. Dorkys...

    You are so durn cute in that bikini!! Its really ashame you don't have the confidence you ought to have - you are:

    1) Smart
    2) Talented
    3) Multi-lingual
    4) Sexy as all hell
    5) Have a smile that makes knees go weak...

    Now all you need is some self confidence and just about anything you wish for ... could be yours.

  18. intense guy, I'm blushing! That's so sweet of you to say. And yeah, I know: confidence goes a looong way and I could sure use some of it. Thank you for this :)


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