Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 4: Horseback Riding & Butterflies

We rode horses for the first time this afternoon! Anonymous's friend returned from la capital (she'll be staying with us for the rest of the trip) so she joined in, too. We rode by the beach for an hour and I have to say it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I almost wish we rode faster, ducking underneath trees, jumping over the debris in the sand.

At one point, my horse stopped midway across a stream and refused to go any farther. So there we were - my 13-year-old guide and I - stuck in the water until the poor boy had to dismount and pull the horse to shore.

But other than that I was a pro. So obviously I've decided that one day I'll buy a horse. NYC would be so better if we went back to those days anyway. Plus, they're way greener than any car could be! P.S. Don't we look like we jumped straight out of a telenovela?

Chilling poolside was "eh" compared to the first two days, but it was sweet nonetheless. The French Cutie wasn't around anymore to tie my stomach up in knots so I enjoyed the day minus the eye candy. I was still kicking myself for not making a single move on the guy. No picture, no contact info, no nothing. What a fool.

Note: This is my first crush since the break up. In the past year I haven't let myself like anyone else even from afar. This came as a total unexpected "whoosh!!" and you know what? It was nice to know that the butterflies in my stomach can still flutter up a storm.

Tonight we're supposed to go to Cocobongo with some of the animators and other guests after their karaoke show. Should be interesting.

He showed up!! I was standing alone at the bar (looking pretty damn good, I think) across from where Anonymous and her friend were standing. Next thing I know he's walking up to me and we're giving each other two-cheek kisses. Aaah, the French. My face lit up when I saw him. I asked how his going-away party went last night (he had a great time), if he got drunk (he did) and what he did today. Now I wish I was a psychotic person and recorded his voice because his accent was so cute. Then again, I've always had a thing for sexy European accents. He understands English and Spanish, but when he doesn't he gets this look on his face and leans in so he can catch it the next time around. He'll use hand gestures and signs to bring his broken-English point across. So "sleep" was accompanied by two hands underneath his cheek.

At some point, I glanced over at Anonymous to catch her attention. First thing she says is "Picture!" So she came over and we took a couple shots with the guy. And according to her, I had the cheesiest smile on my face. Can you blame me?

I should've risked humiliation and asked for his contact info, but I was too nervous and too shy. He goes back to France tomorrow and that will be that.


  1. lol it reminded me of the novela song for Tu Y Yo cuz its describing a city girl and a country boy, cars vs horses, lol. TU Y YOOOO TU Y YO, TU Y YOOOOO TU Y YO!

    i fcbkd him anoche. no such luck, but rome wasnt built in a day. i shall try again!

  2. Ha! I was trying to think of an appropriate theme song for that picture, but the only thing that comes to mind is "Guadaluuuupe!"

    And thanks, little stalker, but I told you that's going to be a stretch.

    By the way, your abbreviation for Facebook totally made me look twice...

  3. Dios! next post!! Cant wait for day 5!

  4. I liked my horse guide.. he had potential...

  5. oh man it looks like a dream come true!!! So much fun ...although, you must have been a bit sore after riding those horses for so long. lol.

  6. BTW, that picture doesn't do any justice to French Cutie.. He was wayyyyyyy hotter in person.. even hotter when he was showing off his tattoos..

  7. maegan, it actually was not bad at all!

    anonymous, God yes! Remember when I was chilling by the pool and didn't want to get in? You said he was in there and whoosh! I jumped right in! And that tattoo...

    By the way, the kids loved that guy! What is it about guys with kids that's so attractive?? Instant mush I tell you.

  8. oh he is cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. you needed his info...a contact for when you go to France.

  9. LOL! Your horse looks like he wants a nice break in the cool water and he can not be bothered by the fact that there are two people on his back!

    You are your French cutie look great together! Too bad you didn't get his info. Maybe you can try to find him on Facebook or MySpace if you have his last name.

  10. He's definitely a hottie and I love accents too. Does he know you have a blog? Can we get a sample of the voice recording so we can melt.

  11. mmmmmmmmmmmm ~nice~

    You aint the only one who did a double take on the Facebook abbreviation. ~grinz evilly~

  12. oh, he's a cutie! too bad you didn't get his contact info. maybe he will come across your blog. or you can look him up on Facebook.

    thanks for sharing your DR adventures, i was grinning from ear to ear. glad you ladies had a great time!

  13. p.s. i'm a sucker for guys with European accents too. especially the Frenchies ;)

  14. I'm surprised the guy wasn't totally tongue tied seeing two hotties like you and your friend...

    Whew!! Now I need that cold shower...

  15. What a hunk!!!! And you didn't get his name or email or anything? Shame on you!

  16. tooj, you know?! I'll keep that in mind next time I run into a hot foreigner.

    joy, no last name. And my sis, the professional stalker, already tried looking. No luck. Just as well.

    mabelita, no he doesn't know about the blog. He knows I'm a writer for the mag, but that's it. And I didn't record his voice; I'm a tad saner than that.

    ladystyz, oh nice to see I'm not the only dirty one around here :)

    odessa, thanks so much for following along! And I agree, they could read me the phone book and I'd probably get all swoony and dreamy-eyed.

    intense guy, I figured he must have had a girl somewhere. How could he not?? (This is also how I shot myself down before even trying to prevent rejection.)

    chicagolady, I only had the courage to get his first name and that's because he introduced himself to us! So I have that and the province where he lives. Yeah, biiiig lead there.


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