Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 6: Hasta Luego, DR

Boo, our last day! Anonymous wanted to go out bright and early to soak in as much sun as possible before heading back to gloomy NYC. I don't blame her one bit. By the way, there was little to no body hang-ups on my end. Mission accomplished! I guess the fact that there were some older, bigger, saggier ladies turning the place into a topless getaway helped a bit. My esteem, not my eyesight. (Dios mio, why??)

We made our rounds and said goodbye to the animators we'd come to know, love and tease. From left to right (and notice how I know most of the guys' names, but not the girls'): forgot this one (but he was in charge of the music), Mikael (another French guy), girl #1, new girl who was still learning the dance moves, Mickey Mouse, Chocolate, Chiki Monkey, Romeo, Baby Face. Donald Duck wasn't around that day.

At the airport, Anonymous and I made a silly little farewell video! It cuts off (because that's what happens when you have a tiny 512 MB memory card and then proceed to take 211 pictures) so I continued her sentence after the video.

...which one did you like most?"

Well that's an obvious one.

In case you're wondering what on Earth we're singing, check out the following videos I found of the lovely RIU Merengue animation staff. Each morning and during every show at night, they'd sing and dance to this, that and the third. Anonymous and I jumped on stage with everyone else on multiple occassions and so we learned the moves. Oddly enough, alcohol was not involved. Besides, I'd have to drink 20 of theirs to feel any effect.

And that's our trip in six nutshells!! So...when's the next vacation?


  1. August baby ....with your lovely cousin Dariany y hermanita adorada Damaris. YAY!!!!!!!!

  2. I love you bathing suit. So cute

  3. I loved all of your trip posts!!

    I would have dived into the pool with those dolphins. I love dolphins!!

  4. heidi, thanks! I loved this one best.

    kelley, they were so cute and super smart :)

  5. What a wonderful trip. :) Glad to see you girls had fun!

  6. Man, I totally need some fun in the sun! NYC is rainy as can be.


  7. I miss Donald Duck : (

  8. Oh I bet you do, buena freca!

    He was so much fun though :)

  9. Girl you look so good, have you been working out, you look really fit. Anywho 20 yippee, more stamina.

  10. I've been catching up on your trip and oh my!! It sounds so lovely and restful and fun. It's making me sigh a lot and wish I could go away!

    Love the photos...I'm glad you had such a good time!!

  11. I think I like the video best of all... no scenary - no gimmicks... just one happy, enthusiastic, dynamic young woman smiling at the camera.


    Cold showers... again....

  12. LOL Iggy!

    Looks like you had a really nice time. Maybe you'll go back soon and visit family? And you looked pretty cute in that bathing suit, I'm sure there were a lot of guys eyeing you, even if you didn't see them!

  13. mabelita, me? Work out? Good one. I was getting beach ready by stuffing my face before the trip. Hate me yet?

    heidi, thanks for joining in on the recaps. I loved sharing my trip with you!

    ladystyx, it truly was. I'm glad I said yes to it.

    intense guy, why thank you! Maybe I should just vlog all my future posts...

    chicagolady, yeah, I think I need to start actually looking up more often. As far as family, we'll see. Now I'm more inclined to go back and see them than I was before!