Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Vibrations

So you like playing with toys (or are thinking of going there), but the thought of buying a vibrator makes you blush. Join the club. Not everyone is comfortable with having a Rabbit in the house when kids (or parents) are snooping around!

Well the Tinge Razor was made to avoid embarrassing moments. This pretty pink cordless toy doubles as a razor and it's cute and discreet! Trust me, I tested it out to make sure.



  1. Lol! Speechless, huh? So is everybody else, it seems.

  2. Magazine writers get to play with fun stuff!

  3. It's funny, but last month I blogged about the need for more discreet

  4. Now THAT is a discreet and very clever idea. Something I could consider....hmmm....

  5. OH I Love it! I am going over to your other post,...

    I recently won an OhMiBod toy in a blog contest,... and I love it! But I have to check out this Razor thing!

  6. Oh, that site demands that I log in,... blah blah before I can comment,... But what I wanted to say, was that it is a bit expensive,.. So, for now, I would stay with my OhMiBod,... But, the Tinge is darn cute!

  7. LOL! So the first thing I thought when I read this was, I have been away from the computer for two days and since then Dorkys has gotten racy! :)

  8. sugarlens, we sure do ;)

    pinkmonkey, I went and read your post. Hilarious and maybe you should send it over to Neutrogena!

    tooj, I like that it's not scary looking. When I got it at work, I kinda blushed and kept it out of sight, but after I put it through the "discretion test" I left it out in plain sight!

    whitesockgirl, hi and thanks for dropping in! Yeah, I thought the price was steep too until I saw other similar toys in the market.

    joy, Hahaha! I even had coworkers calling me up and asking me questions about it, shocked that I'd even write about it. I had to keep saying, "It was for research!" for the rest of the week. Pretty funny :)

  9. oh too fun....and the comments are funny as well. :-)

    But I just can't get past the "cordless toy doubles as a razor". I don't blades and one's pleasure spot just don't sound safe. Ouch! =:o

  10. Actually, the razor cartridges are replaceable and the vibrator function is disabled when that top cap is removed. Otherwise it'd just be a tragedy waiting to happen!

  11. i get to test out stuff for various "toy" companies. but i LOVE the look of this one. i did a whole review on the rabbit, which i'm NOT in love with.
    i am DYING to try that out!!!
    thanks for the review!

  12. Does the razor part have a nick guard?

    Umm, because I have no other questions about the additional functionality. Seriously.


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