Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day

Wishing a wonderful day to mothers who still walk amongst us and those who've gone on to watch over us from above. I'll be visiting mine soon to be her little servant for the day. What about you?



  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! People always forget that us with furry kids are moms too! :)

    I spent the day with my mom yesterday, took her into DC, and we had a steak dinner with family.

    I guess today we will go to my in-laws.

    Have fun with your mom!

  2. I agree with sugarlens....furry critter moms might have it harder than us kid moms do. It's why I don't have any dogs! :) Happy Sunday, I hope you had a great time being a servant.

  3. Happy Mother's Day (sorry I am late - been a tad busy)...

    I hope Toby greeting you with lots of licks and squirms when you got home again.

  4. sugarlens, aww thanks! I totally forgot about that. So happy mom's day to you too!

    tooj, well I understand the frustration when they cry and bark and you don't know how to make them stop/ make it all better. Being a servant wasn't so bad. I showed up around 11 and the woman was halfway done with dinner.

    intense guy, he gave me all of the above as well as barks to welcome me home. Apparently he was a good puppy while I was away until the day I was coming back. That day he acted up so I guess it was good I was coming to take him off my family's hands.


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