Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Joys of Alumni Panel Discussions

So tonight I’m participating in another alumni panel discussion. My former professor got in touch with me shortly after this profile ran to ask if I would join other Newhouse alumni and speak with 14 of this year’s graduates. Now we all know how I feel about public speaking: not exactly my cup of tea. But I said yes anyway (it’s practice, I guess). I just have to remember that I'm doing this for our children (our 20-something-year-old children).

Plus, I’m still amused by the fact that people think I have some wisdom to share. I’m still learning, but I doubt that will ever stop. I wonder when I’ll finally see myself as a “knowledgeable career woman”and less like a “wide-eyed newbie.”

P.S. This also means I had to number 27 and my feet have been killing me all day!

UPDATE: The discussion went really well and I probably learned as much from the other alumni as the students did. I'm almost certain my thought-out responses came out sounding like "RAWR RAWR!" but that's neither here nor there. Best of luck to those grads and I'm sure their names will pop up in mastheads eventually!

P.P.S. Those shoes are so going in the trash. Psycho women, how do you put up with the pain?


  1. I guess number 16 will require some help.

    You need some new seeds?

    And looking at that list... yikes! Thats one challenging set of things to do you gave yourself.

    Good luck with the talk... I'm sure you'll do well. :)

  2. Good luck! That is one of my worst fears, but like you said it is practice. Let us know how it goes!

  3. intense guy, yeah, I'm going to search for some more seeds eventually. And looking at that list again I really need to get going on that! I've been slacking.

    joy, oh yeah! I remember that's your issue too. Will it ever get better??

  4. cuales zapatos?

    ps. i went over at like 330, slept from 4-6. thanks for lending me your bed.

    pps. your dog is crazy. the nxt time he tries to bite my finger, i shall defend myself.

  5. Ugh, I can't put up with the pain. I wear flats all. the. time.

    Glad to hear that the discussion went well! You must have wisdom to share for your professor to personally ask! Good for you!

  6. dama, the low, black pointy ones with the strap around the back. Awful. I still hurt :(

    Thanks for stopping by. I figured you'd forgotten. And he kept nipping at my ankles this morning trying to get at my pj pants.

    sugarlens, it's right back to sneakers for me. My toes are currently recuperating.

  7. LOL! No I don't think that we will ever get past the fear at this point! Oh well, everyone has to be afraid of something I guess. :)

    I am glad that it went good, though!

  8. Good work on the public speaking practice. It's good for the gut. :)


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