Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost Season Finale

Are you guys watching this thing?! It's insane (in a good way)! I didn't even know tonight was the season finale because I haven't watched the show since before my vacation. That means I had two week's worth of episodes to see in less than two hours!

But of course my Internet has been acting up for the past hour (ugh!) and I've had to watch both the two-hour finale and last week's episode at the same time. That's how committed I am to watching this show.

Well I'm glad we're finally getting some (confusing) answers. I won't say more here so as to not spoil it for some of you, but if you watched and want to spoil away in the comments, I'll be there!

So tell me, what did you think of tonight's finale?

P.S. Next season is the final season! Boo :(


  1. My thoughts as I watch: I'm glad we finally get to meet Jacob and see how each of the survivors of flight 816 were touched by him before ever boarding that plane. What we still don't know is why.

    Btw, Sawyer's transformation these last "three years" is impressive. He cares so much about Juliet and seems to have a better handle on his rage. Well not right now because he's beating Jack to a pulp, but during his time with the Dharma's, he was pretty respected I'd say.

    I wonder what's in that box those other passengers of the second flight are carrying and what do they want with Jacob? Do they want to kill him too like Locke does? I need answers and only 45 minutes to go!

  2. Currently on the edge of my seat!!! Eee!

    Question: how has that bomb not exploded yet??

  3. The electromagnet is no joke! Juliet!! :(

  4. i didnt rd the comments, and probably wont rd if u reply to this, cuz i dont wanna get spoiled. but im glad nxt season is the final one, cuz thats when im getting into the show, pa verlo to corrido asi: bam, bam, bam! lol

  5. OMG!!! Locke's dead body is in the box!!

  6. Lost The Final Season: Destiny Found- 2010

    Man that is forever from now...

  7. It is forever from now! I was just twittering that season finales are so bittersweet. So good but sucks to have to wait! And the whole thing with Juliet getting sucked me a lil teary eyed, which is funny 'cause I've never been a big fan of her character.

  8. No she totally grew on me this season. Her and Sawyer were so sweet with each other so I was sad to see him lose her. And she pulled through in the end! Well at least it seems that way. Now we'll have to wait til freakin 3050 for the next season.

    Now I don't know what I will do with my used-to-be-packed Wednesday nights!

  9. I have discovered that I have to watch this show in a seperate room from the Big Guy because all he does is say "I KNEW IT" or "That's so-in-so". I just want to enjoy the show for the show.

    Overall, it was good! I heart Hurley. Only he would have a fruit roll up in his pocket when he got arrested.

    I agree...WTF...Locke in the box? WHAT?

  10. I know!! I didn't expect that one at all. Kinda creeped me out. I thought maybe it was Jacob's body in the box. And who are those people?

    And because I was still half watching last week's episode along with the finale, I totally missed the little bit at the beginning when Jacob was talking to someone out on the beach. Who was he? I mean I know he's now "Locke," but I only got to hear him say he wants to kill Jacob and will find a loophole someday.

    But knowing the "Lost" writers they probably didn't tell us much about him so we can slowly die as we wait to find out next season!

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  12. i don't watch lost, but i love that you watched two episodes at once. that's the real deal right there ;]

  13. I didn't read the comments because they look like they contain spoilers and I haven't watched the finale yet. Lost is confusing, but I am glad to hear that they are finally answering some questions.

    I am highly anticipating tonight's GREY'S ANATOMY season finale! I usually watch shows after they air to skip the commercials, but since I am leaving for vacation tomorrow, I may just have to sit through the commercials tonight.

    I can't wait!

  14. I got lost just watching the promos for Lost back when it first came out.

    I'm naturally dizzy, confused, and lost, so I don't need to watch it on TV! :)

    I'm sticking to the sane stuff, like SpongeBob SquarePants.

  15. robbie, thanks so much for stopping by! I'll go visit and read later on today :)

    blythe, I thought my brain was going to explode, but it was so worth it.

    sugarlens, that used to be my show two years ago! Then I just fell off, but the finale looks interesting. And I can't believe your trip is already tomorrow. Time flew!

    intense guy, I don't blame you one bit. That show has some serious twists and turns and I'd go insane if I try to figure out every last detail.

  16. I loved the finale!! It's a good game-changer. I'm already excited about the next season!


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