Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Pain in the Butt

That's what the aggressive little fur monster has become because
he just wished me a Happy Mother's Day by biting my rear end.


  1. I know how it is! Cute and cuddly on the out side, pain the rear on the inside. My cat is the same way.

  2. Hi Toby! Charlie says welcome to the club!! Soooo cute

  3. Goodness.. now you need someone to smooch it to make it all better.

  4. LOL He's so cute, how do you discipline him?

  5. I discipline him by giving him the silent treatment...

    Kidding :)

    Well if he barks, The Puppy Whisperer says to say "Quiet" the first time he does so. The second time say "Time out" and place him in his crate for a couple minutes. After a while he should quit it after the initial warning.

    It works- for about two minutes. Then he starts right back up again.

    There's a bunch of other methods listed in the book as well. I think it's time I revisited it.


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