Sunday, May 17, 2009


The Meaning of Lila

The Meaning of Lila

- I wonder if and by how much the fast food industry has grown (both employee and customer-wise) since the economic downturn.

- Big accomplishment of the day: I mopped. Maybe someday I can go out and buy some sugar because I don't know my neighbors well enough/ at all to go knocking on their doors. Maybe then I could bake them a cake to introduce myself. But seeing as how I've lived here for almost a year it might be kind of weird at this point. Are you guys chummy with yours?

- On my walk with Toby around the hood, I got uber excited about discovering a public library...a block away from my house!! I don't go exploring much and stick to the same route, but I took a different turn today and saw that wonderful blue and red flag waving in the air. Is it sad that 1) I don't know my neighborhood even though I've been here for a while and 2) that I got excited over a library? In my defense, the one I thought was closest is more than 15 blocks away. Walkable, yes, but still a trek. It's the little things, I guess.

- Lately I've been wondering if I'm wrong. Nostalgia has a funny way of keeping you from moving on.

- If I ever have twins, they're so wearing this! In fact, I might just name them that.

- My cousin just suggested I sign up for I said I will...if I'm 35 and still single. I don't know why I have this aversion to those sites. Maybe it's because I feel all electronics have made relationships so impersonal nowadays. So until all hope is lost, I'd rather meet someone "naturally," whatever that means. (Meet someone naturally: verb, to come into contact with someone for relationship purposes by way of fate, evolving friendship, outings or a friend of a friend where the only profile you'll be looking at is his/her face. Examples: at the park while walking your adorable dog; at a bar before becoming a drunken hot mess; while rushing around for a work assignment, turning a corner too fast and bumping into the future love of your life as your papers swirl all around you.) I think I'm going to run around corners more often now.

- Finished out Six-Word Memoirs last week. Favorite quote in the whole book: Revenge is living well, without you. -Joyce Carol Oates

- Question: how do you get psyched for Mondays? Or do you just grin and bear it like me? I usually have great hopes for the work week...which are then dashed as soon as the alarm rings Monday morning.

- Tomorrow (unless it gets canceled once again) is our last private lesson with our Italian teacher. My coworker and I finished level 1 at the beginning of April and over the last month, we've been meeting with our teacher in different cafes to get us ready for level 3, which starts next month. We're really booking it here and my brain has short circuited more than once. I've mixed up Spanish, French and Italian in the same sentence before. Très frustante!

- And out of curiosity, what topics do you wish I covered here? Any questions (silly, serious or otherwise) that you wish I'd answer? Not saying I'll cater to all, but my inquiring mind just wants to know. Too embarrassed to suggest or ask here? Then e-mail me :)



  1. my guy bff also wants me to do match or (brace yourself) speed dating! ay no. i know ppl who have done the online thing. its just not me. not me, not yet. and speed dating? ay i feel like thats for old fogies...

    its funny cuz he asked me how i expected to meet someone and this may sound familiar... i said "oh you know ill be carrying all these books and then bump into him and hell help me pick them up.. our eyes will meet, our hands will graze and then the SPARK!...." and he said: "great, so youre just gonna go around dropping your books everywhere???" :(

  2. Haha! Hey, then you'll seem like a smart chick...a clumsy, smart one. And I remember you once told me that I'd grow up to be the busy professional and will probably meet my future husband by running around for work and literally running into him.

    As for speed dating, I've thought about it and I'd be more inclined to do that than a dating site. At least there you're meeting the person face-to-face and speaking with them (albeit for 10 seconds, but still). If I ever do that though, it'd be out of curiosity and I wouldn't honestly expect to hit it off with anyone there. Then again, I've heard that's exactly when something happens: when you don't expect it.

  3. Okay, that poor joke. :( What if we're the McD's worker? She works at a bank, I work at a ..... I'm sad.

    Neighbors - 5 years, and my husband just went and met a few of them last week. Or the week before. We've only consistently been friends with the elderly gentleman across the street.

    You need to get out more and walk around. And no, it isn't bad that you got excited about a library. Will the stigma of enjoying books and learning ever go away as a "bad" thing?

    Internet dating - I think internet socializing is going to become the NORM, but it's not how I would prefer to date. I like the feelings of physical interaction, eye contact, first conversations with voice, not typing....I'm old, though. Closer to that "35" than you! :)

    Mondays suck.

  4. Aww cheer up, Tooj and embrace having a job that makes Mondays sucky.

    I've said hi to only two out of four neighbors. One helped my dad when I was moving in and another hosts what I've come to call "Thursdays for Jesus." Nice people, don't know their names.

    As for the other two, I have NEVER seen the ones that live on either side of me. And as I was leaving my apartment one morning, I saw a tiny little mouse slip into a hole by one of their doors. Yuck. Maybe that's why my house was stinking so badly all those months ago.

    And I've come to accept the whole online social networking, but I can't seem to jump the fence and join a site that's for the sole purpose of dating. Same problem I had with the singles party I went to in January. Everyone knows why you're there and you have nothing to hide behind.

  5. I am sure all of those dollar menus have helped the fast food industry lately. Then in a few years when everyone is having poor health from eating McDonald's so often then the medical industry will have an economic upswing! ;)

    I only met one neighbor after the hurricane last summer and then another one after her car got broken into. I think I need to start meeting the rest under better conditions.

    I love the library and Barnes and Noble so I must say that no that is not sad. BTW-Have you been to that library that was in the SATC movie? We stayed across the street from there when we were in the city and I meant to go in, but never did. It looked so pretty on the movie. I am a dork over cool architecture. Oh and on a side not, Toby is so adorable!

    I think you will meet your guy in a really cool way so that you can have a great story to tell!

    I usually feel like I may need to get on Prozac when Monday's roll around, so I am afraid I can not help you out with that one! But if you find the secret of a happy Monday please feel me in! LOL!

    You totally just reminded me that I need to find that Italian cd and book that I bought. We want to try to go to Italy, but I want to be able say more than pizza before I go!

  6. joy, that's the mid-manhattan library on 42nd and Fifth. I actually work two blocks away from there, but have only been there a couple times my whole life. It's sooo huge, it's daunting. It's beautiful inside, but it would probably take me a lifetime to find a particular book!

  7. I imagine that it would! It looks huge from the outside. We stayed at the Hyatt and I passed by there everyday and did not go in. Oh well! Next time!

  8. LOL@ the twins

    Very cool quote. I see why it's your fav.

    Met my present hubby online, but not through one of those sites. I met him in a chatroom. Got to know his heart (thank goodness he wasnt a playa)before I met him. When we met in person, we just clicked thanks to the groundwork we'd already put together.

  9. I've wondered the same thing about the fast food industry. However, every time I see a McDonalds all I think about is the movie, "Super Size Me." Which is probably a good thing.

    I did and that is how I met the Big Guy. I think you're looking at it wisely, however. There are some good people & of course some not so good people. OH! Now I have a good idea for a blog post. : )

  10. I also make sure to constantly stay stocked up on sugar. Maybe someday I'll introduce myself to the neighbors.


    Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Oh yes, I totally get excited about the library!!! Awhile back, when I moved to another city with my hubby (who was only my boyfriend at that time), I had no clue where the grocery store was but I made a point to find out where the library was!!!

    I've never actually borrowed sugar from our neighbors though one of our neighbors comes over all the time to borrow things. I made up for it when I had to borrow a pair of surgical forceps to dig a seashell out of my daughter's ear so I guess knowing your neighbors can be very handy.

    I totally love those twin outfits!!!! That's hilarious!!!

  12. I've been living here for 10 years, and all my neighbors have changed several times over. I've spoken to a couple of them, but it was more politeness than friendliness.

    I've never done online dating, and I don't think I will (despite my niece telling me I should). I have a hard time trying to determine how truthful someone is being when communicating in writing. I need to see their face, hear their voice, etc. But what do I know, I'm 40 and still single, forever to be.

    I enjoy the stuff you've been discussing on your blog. I honestly can't think of one thing where I would say, to myself of course, "Wow, I really wish Dorkys would cover THIS topic!"

  13. I wish Dorkys would cover a certain topic more extensively... But it left me speechless the first time around. :)

  14. ladystyx, ooh goody! A real success story! I need to hear more of those. The ones on the TV which say everything was uber perfect once they joined [enter dating site here] with bluebirds flying above them holding banners and hearts just makes me roll my eyes and gag. They make it seem way too good to be true.

    kelley, you know I never saw that movie? Was scared I'd be too traumatized to ever eat another burger and well...I love burgers. I just don't need to think about about how it got to me. And can't wait to read your post! Enlighten me, please.

    smile steady, smart woman (for staying stocked up and for dropping in). It's almost Thursday now and I've yet to go to the supermarket. I think I can wait it out til the weekend.

    helene, so you KNOW I had to go search for that infamous post! I would have freaked out if I was in your position. I guess after a while you get used to the craziness kids think up, huh?

    chicagolady, I also need to gauge a person face-to-face. It's much harder to determine the truthiness behind a person's words when it's via e-mail, text, etc. You don't know how many times words have been misinterpreted and with people I've known for years! Imagine a total stranger. It's not to say it can't or won't work. I just think it would take me a bit longer to feel comfortable enough with that virtual persona to then meet them. And you sure you didn't run into someone cute during your travels a few weeks ago ;)

    intense guy, well right now I don't have any others to put to the "test," so speak freely for now.

  15. dorkys, i'm with you. even though i'm glued to the computer for hours i just don't see myself doing online dating - yet. i don't know, there's something about it. and oh, i love the rounding-corners-bumping-into-someone part. i also wrote about this on my blog today :)


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