Monday, May 11, 2009

Six-Word Memoirs

A couple weeks ago, I finally started reading the addictive Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure. Several years ago, Smith Magazine asked its online readers to describe their lives in six words. Mine would say: Grounded girl still learning to fly.

Here a few of my fave:

I still make coffee for two. -Zak Nelson

Living for Jesus because Earth sucks. -Johnny Johnson

Found true love, married someone else. -Bjorn Stromberg

Found true love after nine months. -Jody Smith

Girlfriend is pregnant, my husband said. -Shonna MacDonald

My life is a beautiful accident. -J.D. Tenuta

Without me, it is just aweso. -Chris Madigan

Tried everything once, few things twice. -Ed Zevetski

Five feet, but in your face. -Toby Berry

What would yours say?

P.S. I'm tempted to grab their Love and Heartbreak edition, too!



  1. I'd give anything for an Ocha.

  2. I really like these. I particularly like "my life is a beautiful accident". I prefer the uplifting ones and yours is good...describes hope, in my opinion.

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  4. Arisen from ashes like a Phoenix.

    better yet

    Married twice, only one worth it.

  5. Learning to Live, Love, Laugh, everyday.


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