Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Staff Health Challenge Update

So in the past three weeks I’ve seen improvements thanks to several changes I’ve made and tai chi has been an interesting experience I’m still trying to get a handle on. Have you taken on any healthier habits recently?



  1. trying to drink more's been extremely difficult...great job making the changes....

  2. My health habits are too embarassing to share. Good luck on your journey!

  3. I'm walking more...just trying to move more, you know?

  4. Whatever you are doing "health" wise... its working... one only needs to look at a coupla bikini photos from your previous entries.

    I'm doing some walking ... been doing about 6 miles a day to help with the diabetes.

  5. Oh I need to drink way more water than I actually do. In fact, let me go grab a cup now.

    intense guy, six miles?! That's great! I walked a lot last year when I was "training" for two walks I had in the spring. It's still my go-to stress reliever. Nothing beats walking on a lovely day.

    And thanks for the compliment! You're too kind :)

  6. I am so friggin proud of you!!! I still say I have plenty to share and would be willing to donate so you have some for a transplant....

  7. ladystyx, aww thanks for your generosity, lol!

    tooj, for shame! Though in the not too distant past I've had the following for dinner (not together, obvi): frosted flakes, pb&j sandwich, cup of noodles, orange juice, granola bar. Terrible.

  8. Does a glass of wine each night count as a healthy habit?


    Are you sure????

    Got the shot glasses today. Thank you so much! Sending some thanks and love back in the mail next week. (Gotta wait for it to rise.)


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