Monday, June 8, 2009

Allergic? Enjoy Flowers Anyway

I love flowers. I love their vibrant colors, the shape of their petals and their power to instantly brighten up a room - and my mood - like a shot of sunshine.

But every spring, their reappearance signals one thing to me: the beginning of weeks of misery. And so to keep my allergies under control, I try my best to keep from buying myself a bouquet no matter how gloomy I feel. They're all bad for me, I thought. Luckily, I was wrong :)



  1. i gave you an award today! see my blog for info. :]

  2. Wow, perfect timing! I have had horrible allergies allllll day :(

  3. And here I thought I was doomed to the silk ones for the season...

  4. Saying it with flowers is always better without a nose irritated by tissues.

  5. Visting from SITS! I get some seasonal allergies too, but fortunately can still enjoy real flowers. Do tulips irritate you? They are one of my favorites!

  6. blythe, thanks so much!

    gabby, aww, hope you feel better. Allergies are annoying...especially when it's gorgeous outside and you just want to go play.

    ladystyx, nope, so rejoice! And go grab yourself a pretty bouquet :)

    intense guy, yes that is definitely a plus!

    mighty m, tulips are actually on the list of "flowers that won't kill you if you suffer from allergies!" I love how they come in so many different colors.


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