Saturday, June 20, 2009

Away We Go

The sis and I went to see Away We Go yesterday afternoon. I hadn't read any reviews, didn't know much of what to expect and only caught a quick trailer beforehand. But from that clip and the movie's awesome poster, I knew I had to see this.

In the film, Verona (played by SNL's Maya Rudolph) and Burt (The Office's John Krasinski) are parents-to-be and in search of a new place to start their family. With the road before them and nothing tying them down, they go off to visit (some crazy) friends and family in search of home.

The movie was so unbelievably sweet and touching. Its comedy wasn't over-the-top (very unlike The Hangover, which was one crazy antic after the next), but it still had some very funny moments. And I loved the soundtrack, courtesy of Scottish newcomer Alexi Murdoch. I'll be sure to add it to my "Soundtracks I Still Need to Get Along with Juno" list.

Yes, I fought back tears through several parts in the movie and the fact that Krasinski's character reminded me so much of Mr. First didn't help much at all. This couple is so completely enamored with each other that it actually hurt. I want that. I want to be that much in love with someone and to know that no matter how crazy everyone around me becomes, there will always be that other person holding it down with you. My favorite parts were just seeing Verona and Burt interact with each other. Those little moments when you get to see them just be silly, loving, "angry," reassuring and nurturing to each other.

I wish I had that again. And for better or for worse, the truth is I simply miss him. Yet here I am refusing to respond. Because it's what I "should" do. Because it's what I "need" to do. Because I'd be "better off" forgetting and moving on. But here I am, on the fence, knowing that if something were ever to happen to either one of us, I would always regret leaving things as they are.

At random times, this wild sense of optimism flushes over me and I believe without a doubt that he and I will somehow be ok in the future. That everything will work itself out. Then I dismiss it and tell myself that I'm being delusional. That I feel it because I want so much to believe it. Who knows. I'm just going with it - whatever this is - because I'm tired of twisting and fighting and digging my heels in every step of the way. If I'm meant to go through this then I will. But I'll be walking very slowly as I go.

Away We Go: 4.5/5 Toasties



  1. I agree. The movie was oh so sweet and the way they interacted made me believe that "omg, they're going to last forever" and not only were they going to last forever, they were going to have fun with each other as well. Not one of those "I'm stuck with the other person relas." I loved how honest they were with each other. How easily each expressed their worries and concerns with the other, without any fear of how the other would react.

    As far as Mr. First, I don't want you to have any regrets in the future. So do what you need to do.

    P.S. What's wrong with a little optimism every now and then? Who knows how things are going to work out, but isn't it always better to think things will work out for the best?

  2. Oh those two will definitely last forever! It was like watching two BFFs go through life, figuring things out as they go with no one but each other for support (since everyone around them had some serious issues). I was just looking at them and thinking, "Ay ombe!" And of course, now I heart John Krasinski to pieces.

    And you know optimism is not exactly my forté. I feel like wearing rose colored glasses just makes reality harder to face when it inevitably comes.

    Wow, I'm such a Debbie Downer.

    P.S. Thanks for coming with yesterday. I really like those sister-sister moments we get to share.

  3. Hi! I have a goodie for you at my site. Please stop by and pick it up.

  4. I'm glad you liked the movie, and I'm sad you're sad. Everyone has been through it, so we all know what you're going through. Hugs!!

    Wanna run away to Italy for me?? I hear they have the most gorgeous men and I can help you find a good one! I already have my Prince Charming so I have the time, lol!

  5. I've been thinking I need to see this movie too. *places it on the "must see" list*

  6. I cannot wait to see this film.

    I also love those last words, " If I'm meant to go through this then I will. But I'll be walking very slowly as I go."

  7. Really enjoyed reading your blog. And I'll definitely be back.
    What's it like to be a single girl in the Big Apple!?!
    Stop by & visit me on &
    I hope you had a great weekend. It was hotter than blazes here in Nashville. I helped with a wedding Saturday & I melted - no other way to describe it.
    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  8. Sounds incredibly sweet and honest. I will have to rent, no way the hubby will take me to see this! haha

  9. I am so looking forward to seeing this movie. I will most likely have to see it on husband doesn't care for such movies. But I am okay with that. I am a patient person and quite frankly, I enjoy watching movies on our big screen at home than in the theater......cheaper too. :-)

    I wish you the love you crave and may your day be beautiful.

  10. I am looking forward in seeing this movie - it sounds like something my husband and I may be able to relate to (minus the baby part, that is). Glad you gave it a good review, now I can't wait!

  11. Thanks for the review. I thought it looked like something I would like to see from the previews.

    I agree that you need to do what you need to do to know one way or the other with Mr. First. Life is too short to have any regrets!

  12. Thanks for the review. I love to hear what "real" people think of a flick before I go to see it. I don't know about you, but sometimes I think the professional reviewers get a little too carried away with themselves!

  13. I'm sorry you're going through a rough patchm but you have a great attitude about it, and I'm proud of you for it. You're in my thoughts!

  14. i'm excited to see this movie as well. do what your heart tells you. it won't lead you wrong.

  15. This sounds like a chick flix movie "even I" would like to see - I have to wait until it comes out on DVD so I can read subtitles - I wouldn't want to miss a word of a "Dorkys" recommended film.

    Happy first day of summer - I hope this summer you find Mr. Second and that he has the ability, the chemistry, the mind, the sizzle and most importantly, the chance to compete with and overcome your memories of Mr. First.

    I also sure hope noone ever calls him Mr. Second again after this comment. :)

  16. I think it's interesting that you mention the movie's couple is so enamored with one another. I was pondering this "feeling" that people DO experience during parts of romantic relationships, but I asked myself...and it really possible for that enamored feeling to LAST? I don't think so. I don't mean that in a negative ninny way, just that I find it difficult to believe that that is realistic. And that's where lengthy relationships or marriages get rocky. You realize you don't have that enamored sensation any longer...and then what? You have to redefine what it is you want, like, need, and desire from that partner. Enamoring relationships are shoved in our face every time a hot starlet gets married. They make relationships look so glamorous. They're not. They're gritty. Grimy. Dirty. And it's no wonder my nails never stay in good shape.

  17. This is a beautiful post.

    I hope you find what you're searching for. You deserve to be loved and cared for and laughed with.

  18. You will find it again, Dorkys.
    it takes time, but someday, when you're not even looking for it, you'll find it. :]


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