Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blog Thoughts

- I think I might be getting a bit tired of this layout. Earlier today I found myself shopping around for something sweet, different yet uber-simple, but nothing really screamed Dry As Toast. Plus, I know nothing about HTML so it shall stay as it is.

- I added an e-mail subscription box for those who cannot follow via Google Friend Connect or don't feel like checking in every hour. Now your lazy self can receive daily e-mails if any new content is posted!

- What's there to look forward to on Mondays? Not much. That's why I've been lining up some great Monday giveaways to start the week off right! I'm really excited about this so pop in tomorrow morning for a chance to win the kickoff giveaway!



  1. LOL! You are as bad as me. I see everyone with these awesome blogs and I would have absolutely no idea how to get mine that way. So, mine also stays the same on account of me not being very blog savvy!

  2. It's hard to get started when you don't know much about HTML. I took a couple of programming classes in college so I am at least a bit familiar with it when I tweak my template.

    If you don't mind taking the time to learn/play, it's actually easier than you may think. Google is your friend. Good luck!

    I will make sure to check back tomorrow for the giveaway!

  3. I like your current design - it feels comfortable and I know where I've arrived (via the Internet) when I see the colors and pattern.

    But whatever change you make - I'll be a'readin' your blog - 'cause of its content (and that terrific smile you have on your face in the upper left).

  4. You can't change the layout...I get all thrown off and feel weird when my blog reads change their stuff. LOL And of course your blog is all about ME.

  5. joy, well at least you're stuck with an AWESOME design for now ;)

    sugarlens, yours always looks so neat and cute! Kudos to you for knowing how to mess around with all this techie stuff.

    intense guy, yeah that's another one: I think the background has already been associated with this blog. Well at least I feel that way. I don't take to change too well (understatement of the year!) so if I do switch to something else it has to be so incredibly amazing that I won't think twice about whether I made the right choice or not.

    And yes, I do realize we're just talking about a blog background here.

    tooj, well I'm sure glad YOU know that it's about YOU because I sure didn't! Thanks for the newsflash, foolio :p

  6. Yeah. I got tired with mine too. Contrary to popular belief, I don't know much about coding. I just do ALOT of "what does this do?" ...see what it does and save it if I like the results. It's frustrating when things don't work the way I like it. I'm not big on change either (except the backgrounds and banners...those I gotta freshen often) so when I get code that works just right, Iseldom mess with it short of adjusting color and opacity.

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