Monday, June 22, 2009

Congratulations, Mott Hall Seniors

At least you'll actually remember who your keynote speaker was at your eighth grade graduation. No idea who mine was!



  1. Wow. That's a keynote apeaker. I know I don't remember my keynote speaker from 8th grade graduation since I didn't graduate that year (we had a crazy middle school set up) :)

    The guy that spoke at my college graduation was the inventer of the styrofoam cup. I can't remember his name - nor do I want to! LOL!

  2. The styrofoam cup? Wow, that's mighty impressive stuff. I bet allthe environmentalists hate him now. I seriously don't even remember who mine could have possibly been.I keep thinking Maya Angelou, but that's probably me dreaming.

  3. Nevermind 8th grade, I can't even remember my college graduation keynote speaker. Sad.

  4. I can't remember who spoke at my HS graduation. They didn't have one for 8th grade back then. I personally think all this graduations are silly. One for HS and one for college is more than enough.

  5. Really????? Keynote speakers at 8th grade graduations?? Odd. But yes, you're'd remember!

  6. You know what? I don't remember ANY of my keynote speakers! I'm going to have to dig around my old school stuff to see.

    And so far I've had let's see SIX graduations! Yipers.

    Kindergarten, elementary (fifth grade), junior high (eighth grade) from Mott Hall (those lucky kids!), high school, undergrad and then grad. Geez, I'm sooo over graduations. In fact, I told my parents to feel free to skip out of my grad school one and just brought my sis up for the thing.

  7. We all skipped my grad school one and went to my brother's since he was graduating from med school and that was a lot fancier than my MBA. :)

    But in all honesty, like you, I was over graduations by then. I didn't want to go and my brother gave me a great reason not to.

  8. Cool...go mott hall!

    i don't remember who spoke at ours either!

    and i can't remember who spoke at my high school's but i do remember that she read the lyrics of vitamin c's graduation song lol

    college?...jane goodall and sonia sanchez and 2 other people.

    ahh graduations...

  9. He is an amazing speaker. That is cool for them!


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