Saturday, June 27, 2009

Having Fun Isn't Hard

Remember that little public library I discovered a block away from my house? Yeah, well it took me more than a month to actually visit it.

So here I am trying to be "productive" and instead blogging up a storm. In fact, as soon as I entered I walked straight to a random section (really I just wanted to look like I knew where I was going) and ended up in the web guides section. What did I grab from there (again, to look as if that was exactly where I wanted to be)? The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging. Funny, this is going to make Monday's Giveaway even more true.

Actually, I feel a bit out of place. Here I am, the only person on my iBook using the free WiFi when 10 other peeps are busy using the library's computer or waiting for one to open up. One's been trying to fill out a job application to Pathmark Supermarket for the past hour, but somehow can't seem to "get" it. I think he's getting on the librarians' nerves with his questions. And I overheard the guy next to him talking about a corrections officer. God I hope he was talking about a colleague.

It's a fairly small library, with half of the one-floor space dedicated to children's books (it's next to an elementary school). But there are quite a few tables and purple cushioned chairs that I'd love to sink into at some point. I doubt it ever gets too full on the weekends here, so I might pop in more often from now on.

We finally have beautiful weather in NYC today after days upon days of rain (with more to come) and though I should probably be out enjoying it, I like being in here for now. But I'll definitely be going out later on today.

P.S. Just how great is it outside, you ask? Well it's so perfect, I'm actually wearing a skirt! That means it's officially a holiday. It's a celebration...

P.P.S. The post title is a nod to a certain Arthur cartoon episode from long ago. I'm sure my sis will be the only one who knows the following lines to this song without having to Google for it :)


  1. I will be re-discovering the library with my daughter this week. It is amazing how technology has us so disconnected!! Glad the weather was so nice for you!

  2. The more ways we have of staying in touch, the less we reach out it seems. It's nice to go back to the basics every now and then. But sometimes even the "older" things have gotten a high-tech boost.

    I went to the check out table to borrow the book and they had some self check out contraption I'd never seen or used before. So the librarian went over to her computer and helped me get a pin number so that I could go check myself out. Hellooo, can't you just do it from your computer? You're already there!

    Anywho, I'd be lying if I wasn't impressed with this technology. But one day, when the robots have taken over, we'll be sorry.

  3. At least there was some good people watching!

  4. Sounds like no matter where you go the people watching is always interesting. :) You got to love how some folks know they should use a computer at times, but just don't quite get the hang of them.

    Another cartoon with a heavy library bent to is Jacob Two Two - who lives in Montreal and his father is a book writer. I guess Arthur is just too tame for me especially after I OD on SpongeBob.


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