Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How About a Picnic?

I love trips to the park so it's a wonder why I haven't had a picnic in a little over forever. I'm trying to change that this summer! Here's how to host your own little party in the sun.

P.S. Isn't this spontaneous picnic dress so cheery?

Images: reddishstudio.com


  1. Oh, I would love to have a couple of picnics this summer. I haven't BBQ in so long too. Thanks for the tips. After reading through it, I think I am ready to host one!

  2. ok, i THOUGHT i had been following you, but i guess not! (i use bloglines mostly)

    anywho, now i'm officially following you. ! :]

  3. :) That dress looks like a picnic tablecloth already to go - now thats one way of carrying it.

    I like the lobster bib - shirt too.

    I don't remember when I picnic'ed last ... with someone.

  4. A picnic sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, with what happens to my skin when the sun gets to it... well it's an impossibility unless there's a pavillion nearby.

  5. I need more picnics in my life!

  6. Picnic blanket and dress in one! Love it!

    Go SITStas!

  7. sugarlens, so glad I could help! I actually haven't been to a BBQ since last year when Heidi hosted one. Luckily, she's planning another one for one of these days.

    blythe, thanks so much!

    intense guy, highly creative, no? And I think it's about time you packed up a lunch and grabbed someone to join you under that big old tree you found :)

    ladystyx, I think a porch on someone's porch or under the shade of a tree would be just as lovely. Or maybe just laying out a blanket in the living room, setting up some potted plants and eating there would work.

    gabby, who doesn't?

    carolyn, talk about a multitasker, huh?

    franco, me too :)

  8. Yes!! So cheery! I love this.


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