Monday, June 1, 2009

How was your weekend?

Toby and I spent our Saturday afternoon at the park people/dog watching and enjoying the lovely weather. I used that time to write a much-needed letter to myself.

I also spent what felt like an eternity getting my hair straightened at the salon. It only made me want to cut my long locks even more! I will one of these days.

And on Sunday, I finally took my SLR camera out for a spin! I'd forgotten how much I love seeing the world through those camera lens, trying to find or create that perfect shot. Since it's a 35 mm camera and not a digital, I can't tell if the shot is good or not until I get the film developed (oh how I miss doing that myself). Here are some from the first experimental roll:

I still have some practicing to do, but with that I've accomplished number 10!

P.S. Can you believe it's June? It's officially time for skirts, sandals and sorbet :)


  1. Love the photo's:) I miss New York and don't cut your hair! Yes I'm so happy I can wear flip flops!!!!

  2. I'm with the rest of 'em, I like your hair long. :) It looks nice against that white jacket.

    I like these pictures! You can almost feel the air whoosh by with the one with subway car.

    I think the one of you in the car mirror came out really neat.

    Tobi is so cute. With a tongue like that he's gonna whistle really, really loud once he learns how.

  3. Great pics! That tongue...seriously. LOL He's too cute. And your hair is great...I was going to say it looks really nice straightened, but then you explained you were at the salon doing it. :) And the pic in the mirror? I JUST visited another blog I read and she's got a picture just like this! How funny. I'm glad to see you're getting out and enjoying the weather...skirts, here we come!

  4. I think toby would be my favorite subject to shoot...wayyy too cute...I think they turned out great...

  5. Thanks, Dorkys, for asking your readers to get Lila in their local newspaper. (PS: great shots. You're inspiring me to take my digital camera out of its box...) -- John

  6. That's a great picture of you and Toby!

    Your hair looks great. Mine is getting long too, which I need to cut it soon. It's driving me crazy. I don't think wearing a ponytail to work is always professional.

  7. Que melena!! Llamen a Pantene!

  8. That's some beautiful hair you have!

  9. Your hair looks great! Toby is so adorable!

    I love photography. It is so creative. It looks like you had fun accomplishing #10.

    BTW Thanks for the comment on my dating service idea. Now I just have to find a financial backer and I will be all set! :)

  10. ms. wanda, oh it is so getting chopped. I need some volume in this thing so I think layers will be nice.

    intense guy, well you and I have discussed the whistling situation already and how I think this little spastic furball is too hyper to learn all that.

    tooj, you want him? Maybe it'll help O.J. be less grumpy. And seriously, hollerations to sunny weather. It was about stinkin time!

    noah's mommy, well he's a very quick and often unwilling subject!

    john, you should definitely give it a shot! Lame pun intended.

    sugarlens, coming from you that means so much! Your puppy pics are always amazing. In fact, all your pics are...

    And wearing a ponytail to work isn't professional?? WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME? Oh wait, it's because I can get away with jeans and sneakers there, too.

    heidi, ya yo te dije que es a Mirta que voy a contactar porque Garnier, Herbal Essence y Pantene no estan en nada! El mundo se unde y Mirta will still be around. Mujer que no para.

    ladystyx, why thank you lovely lady!

    joy, I did have fun! I don't know why it took me so long to get back into it. I have another roll I started that day so once I finish it off I'll see if there are any good enough shots in there. It's seriously like a little surprise each time. (But I want instant gratification!) And good luck on your business venture ;)

  11. Beautiful photos, Dorkys! It sounds like you had a restful day.

    Loving the hair by the way!!

  12. Ese perro tan feo.

  13. Mirta tiene la respuesta!!

  14. Evie es fea! buena freca.

    ps. wow what a sexy subject in those last few pics. i made the first of the bottom three my laptop background =)

  15. A day late on responding...but LOVE the photos. Your hair looks pretty...but can understand wanting to chop it off and do something different. Adorable puppy...I want one!!!


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