Sunday, June 28, 2009

MTA Fare Hike - Yes, Another One

And so it finally happened again. As of today, the fares to ride the MTA have increased. Argh. Here are the new prices for us (financially) poor New Yorkers:

Single fare: $2.25
1-day: $8.25
7-day: $27
14-day: $51.50
30-day: $89

Single fare for express bus: $5.50
7-day express bus pass: $45




  1. Ummm...yeah...that just sucks!

  2. The rate hikes are a pain. They did the same thing in Minneapolis back in November and the fare is now $3.00, one way for the express bus (which I take). So to see $5.50, I will keep my mouth shut and be thankful for a lower rate!

    Thankfully I get a benefit at work where I can get an unlimted ride pass for $34.50 a month!

  3. Wow, that's a lot.

  4. Here in DC, the fare is base on how far you travel. I think it's more than $3.50 if you travel from one end to the other.

    I don't get it. If they want to encourage public transportation, then make things cheaper. During rush hour, if I were to commute into DC, it would set me back $10 at least. $4 for parking at the metro, and $6 for getting to and back.

    Yeah, lame.

  5. Hey All,

    Just wanted to let you know that we at BoroThreads are offering a No Fare Hikes shirt that let's you show your frustration at the MTA. You can check it out at:


    The BoroThreadsGuys

  6. I'm with SugarLens. The farebox doesn't even begin to cover the costs of running the trains and buses anyway. I think Metro-North's "recovery rate" is around 36%... so what's the difference and why bother raising the fares?

    In Philly, which has (in)'EPTA, the recovery rate is still only about 58% and the DC WMATA is 61%.

  7. The worst part is that when I left NY a 1 day pass was $4. Jeez that's over doubled in less than 10 yrs.

  8. I am going to swipe the shit out of my $81 unlimited before it expires, hmph!

  9. I'm with sugarlens. Way to encourage the use of public transport.


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