Thursday, June 18, 2009

A One-Night Staycation

It's absolutely dreadful in NYC today. The rain is coming down hard and though I only walked a total of two blocks on my commute into work, I'm so glad I'm wearing my invincible rainboots. Too bad those taxi cab beasts like to speed as soon as they get to a puddle near you.

But anywho, that's not why I'm writing. (But seriously, it's super gross out. Don't come here today.)

After work I'll be checking into and spending the night in a nice little hotel in the Meatpacking District for a press event. We'll meet up for cocktails at a nearby bar before heading to bed and testing out a new product. Then I'll get driven to work in the morning!

Aah, if only I could have had car service today!

Check in this evening for on-the-scene dispatches. Except for what I'm testing out, of course. That's classified.

P.S. The image is via They have the cutest pics for their weather forecast. They almost make the torrential downpour look pleasant. Almost.

P.P.S. Ok, so upon re-reading this entry, it sounded like I'm testing out another one of these bad boys. I'm not.


  1. You are staying....overnight....NOT at home? To test out something? Yes, indeed it sounds suspicious. LOL I love it. And the pic is cute too.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day for a visit. Love your site. I am off to read some more. I went to college in NYC amd almost miss it until I remember the cold rain. Thanks for the reality check.

    Having a contest on my blog. Stop back by.

  3. I hope you enjoy this evening's doings and the car ride to work tomorrow!

    I have to admit the testing sounded so mysterious (and my mind did go there...) so thanks for clearing that up... some... sort of.. :)

    I'm actually it hoping "the product" is something that will turn off this rain! Did I miss the "this is the start of the monsoon season" memo?

  4. What a coincidence, I just also used the word "staycation" in my new blog post. :)

    Can't wait to learn what new project you are testing this time!

  5. Oh I feel your pain with the rain, it has been raining every day for 2 weeks here in Utah. Which is strange since I'm living in a Desert!

    Have fun tonight and drink an extra cocktail for me!

  6. Boo about the weather! I hope it gets better soon.
    Car service sounds so dreamy to me right now.

  7. Been alotta rain here. Last week, Thursday, the weather reports said we'd had rain 12 out of the 17 days. This week can add another 3-4 days of rain to that total. Im tired of it being wet every other day.

  8. tooj, suspicious? Me? Never...

    kristin, contest? I'm sooo there!

    intense guy, well it was nothing to turn off the rain, but I'm sure glad we had a lovely day today!

    sugarlens, I'll be sure to let you guys know if I write about it.

    grand pooba, then wouldn't rain be a welcomed relief to you deserters out there?

    heidi, oh it was great. My bags were so heavy even though it was only a night! I just had to take my laptop didn't I?

    ladystyx, ditto and last I checked next wasn't going to be too great either. Yay for "summertime."


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