Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Standard Hotel

So I'm all checked into The Standard Hotel and already took a thousand pictures of the room. I don't really hang out in the Meatpacking District and almost swore I'd never stepped foot in the neighborhood until I passed by Tenjune, a swanky little bar where Latina Magazine held a party for its June/July cover girls Prima J last year. Clearly I had no idea where we were when I took a cab over with my coworkers!

I took in some sights (and pics) on the short walk over and I love the area! There's so many caf├ęs and delis. If the weather were nicer I'm sure the streets would be filled with open umbrellas and diners chatting outside. My coworker suggested I eat dinner at Vento Trattoria so I could practice my Italian while I was at it, but I said the weather was too yucky for fine dining and opted for a quick sandwich from North Village Deli Emporium instead.

The first task was finding the stinking front door to the hotel! So I walked on over to the cutie standing by the larger-than-life can of orange juice, walked right through the revolving door and found myself in the tiniest lobby filled with marble and black. It was a blur really since it's kind of hard to look sophisticated and nonchalant when you want to touch everything. Needless to say, no pictures here. Second task, opening my room door. Why must everything be so hard and high-tech? Geez. Oh and P.S. Some lighting inside the elevators would be nice. The only lighting came from screens on either side of the car. The picture on the left was taken with no flash! (Ok, it wasn't this dark, but it was super dim!)

Now onto the good part. I usually get a quick glance of the room from the door and then proceed to examine the bathroom first. There I was surprised with a nice yet kinky little feature. See this pic?

Well it was taken from inside the peek-a-boo shower! Yup, the stall has an entire glass wall so you can see right through to the room!

¡Que sexy! In fact, there are no doors to get into the bathroom or shower stall at all. (But don't worry. The "water closet" is behind door number 1.)

Just have to make sure the curtains are drawn come shower time because the glass wall faces the windows. And it is quite the view! (I meant the streets not your showering self.) It's not exactly the most glamorous part of Manhattan, but I love how gritty these streets and buildings are. And with floor-to-ceiling windows, I can take it all in from the 15th floor.

So there you are and here I am. Just writing, relaxing, finishing off this sandwich, about to catch The Real Housewives of New Jersey (apparently it's insane) and making plans to live from one hotel room to the next for the rest of my life. I'm heading out for cocktails in an hour so I'll pop in one last time tonight to tell you about that bar!

P.P.S. How does this TV work?!? "No signal?" Grrr...

UPDATE: The shindig happened in this little flower shop called Banchet Flowers a couple blocks from the hotel so not much to report on that front. The cocktails were good though and now I'm sleepy. Perfect. You know what else is perfect? A working TV. Goodnight :)


  1. So. The big question is, were the bed and pillows comfy?

  2. Buongiorno! Spero che l'angelo con i capelli neri abbia dormito bene.

    :) That hotel looks intriguing - and to add to Ladystyx's big question: was there a chocolate placed on your pillow?

  3. hey i think i understood a bit of what Intense Guy said.... "hello!I hope....(something, something, something) that you slept well" lol

    Knowing Spanish rocks!!!

  4. Ummm...that shower just made the room. LOL How fun could that be? Anyhow...hope you had fun and can I have your job? :)

  5. You know digital cable gets shut down when it rains. Maybe that was the problem? I know in my house that happens.. when it heavy rain/snow. tv.
    : (

  6. Wow that room is fabulous!Stopping by from SITS!

  7. I like that picture of you on the bed - hope you enjoyed your one-night staycation!

  8. ladystyx, oh you bet they were! But then aren't they usually? It was like sleeping on a cloud.

    instense guy, ciao! E si! Ho dormito molto bene ieri sera. Plus there was a little chocolate on my pillow waiting for me when I arrived.

    dariany, it definitely helps in both Italian and French so pick one of those up! I'm sure you'd learn it fairly easily. (And the missing part: the angel with the black hair)

    tooj, oh I'm sure that shower situation could be lots of fun. But one of the men I was talking and mingling with at the event raised a good question: what if you booked a room with a friend and did NOT want that going on? Yipes...

    I just said if two people were staying in a room with just one queen-sized bed, there's a good chance they're coupled up or otherwise close. Still, what if they were just trying to save a couple bucks?!

    anonymous, actually that's exactly what was wrong with the TV! Another woman and I went up to the front desk after the intro cocktails to ask. By the way, this morning the TV wasn't working again.

    ab, thanks for the visit! It wasn't even that big, but it definitely had some personality.

    sugarlens, I did. It was nice little changed of scene if only for a night.

  9. Thanks :-D I need all the luck I can get...I'm also the kind of writer who has always needed the actual pen and paper. This is wayyyy outta my comfort zone...

    About the TV thing, good luck with that. They're all digital now. Whatever that means...other than lots of TVs in the trash can.

    Living from hotel to hotel sounds like...the most amazing and writer-like thing ever :-D

  10. awesome stay. I'm putting this on my list for the next nyc trip.


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